Edinburgh’s meal deal map: What your neighbourhood says about your lunch

The two biggest parts of your personality: Edinburgh postcodes and meal deal choices

Whilst we all like to pretend we’re those meal prep girlies on TikTok that have perfectly curated lunches every day, let’s be honest –  whether you’re late for your 9am or stuck on the fouth floor of the library all day, sometimes a meal deal is the only thing to look forward to in the day.

From my observations around Edinburgh, here are the meal deals you would pick based on where you live in the city.


For the most basic bitches in Edinburgh, knowing you, you’ll probably go for a classic meal deal. We’ve all got this meal deal at some point in our lives, but it’s not exactly interesting – much like living in Marchmont. You head straight to the plant-based hoisin duck wrap, a protein bar for your snack, and a smoothie or a Starbucks iced coffee.

McCoy’s over Walkers? Criminal behaviour

If not, then you’ll probably pop down to an Artisan coffee shop where you’ll pay for an overpriced slice of bread with some type of egg and/or avocado on it xoxo


Have I ever met anyone who lives in Stockbridge? No. But do I have faith that you do exist somewhere in Edinburgh? Yes. Because of that, I’m guessing you’re out there and willing to pay the big bucks for your lunch. Tesco is your go-to, but you wouldn’t pick the regular option – the Premium selection is the way to go for you. A pollen and grain box with a Naked smoothie and Cadbury Twirl is your way to go, and when the cold weather kicks in, you’ll swap that smoothie for a Costa Coffee.

New Town

New Town residents are the most Granola vibes but with new money thrown in there as well. When you’re not treating yourself to an artisan hand-tossed salad, you’ll probably be heading for an M&S meal deal.

Might even treat yourself to a Premium meal deal if you’re feeling boujee

I’m thinking a Caesar salad (the ones where the croutons come in a little bag), some form of kombucha and then a sweet treat because you deserve one for dragging yourself all the way to campus from New Town – a classy meal deal for an elegant laydeh.


Whilst living in Tollcross makes geographical sense regarding the uni, I can only think of about five people living there. The busy main road, Greggs and a Bento are giving knockoff South Bridge vibes, and I’m here for it. You don’t follow the crowd, and that’s why I think your meal deal would probably be one from the Uni shop next to Potterrow: A classic sandwich, maybe a packet of crisps (salt and vinegar obviously), and then some Sprite to wash it all down.


If you live in Leith, all I can say is I’m sorry. You are miles away from anything but truly pride yourself on good value for money, so you always max out the savings on a meal deal.

Tried and tested to get you through

Picking the chicken triple (it’s three sandwiches for the price of two!), some kind of smoothie, and something from the bakery section. The bakery is an underrated and under-utilised meal deal item – much like the Leith living experience. I hope this excellent meal deal makes up for your housing choice.


If you live in Bruntsfield, I assume you’re either a vet student because it’s an easier commute, and thinking about your meal deal is the last thing you need when you’re in the middle of a dissection.

Are any of these vegan?

You need something quick, filling, and most likely vegan, so you’ll probably head straight to the plant-based BLT, a vegan sweet treat, and a dairy-free coffee – not that being vegan is your only personality trait. You are a committed person in all aspects of life, so stick to your meal deal choices regardless of the weather or decade. ( If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).


If you live in Newington, you have your pick of the bunch. With a range of supermarket meal deals within a five minute walk and campus a stone’s throw away, you value convenience in life.

So. Many. Choices

You pick a wrap (probably the mozzarella and sun-dried tomato), a nice packet of kettle chips and a Diet Coke. All classics in their own right and a very solid meal deal choice for a very solid person. Respectable, sensible.

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