We asked Exeter Uni students for their housemate horror stories and here’s what they said

‘She projectile vomited onto my door’

Going to university is always a great way to meet new people, from going to socials, clubbing, to living with total strangers during your first year. However, it is inevitable that you’ll meet someone who just gives you the ick. Worst of all, you’re stuck under the same roof every single day! I asked some students from Exeter Uni and here are some of their living nightmare housing stories:

The bin raider

No, this is not about a low-budget Lara Croft. I asked my best friend, who under unfortunate circumstances, had to stay in a private accommodation with three other strangers – two girls and one guy. She described her situation as a game of Russian roulette, where it is impossible to predict when you get the bullet.

She said: “There was this guy who kept poking his head out of his door when I walked past his room but as soon as I turned my head around, he retreated back into his room with lightning speed. One night, after some rough clubbing, I stumbled into the kitchen in my drunken stupor and saw a tall, dark shadow lurking among the bins. I don’t know what came across me but I mustered up the courage and opened the door, to find that creepy guy having a feast from the bins! I was in total shock but somehow, my drunk mind thought it would appropriate to say “Hi” to him. I have not seen him ever since.”

Stuck in a sh*tty situation

This is a drunken rant from a girl whose name I do not remember I met at Old Timer’s. She was living with a few of her friends, and one friend of a friend.

She said: “Me and this girl shared the same bathroom on our floor. She rarely got out of her room but when she went away, you could smell the putrid air from her slightly ajar door. It smelled like damp towels and piss. I was pretty sure she pissed in a bucket in her room. Whenever I would wake up to use the bathroom the next morning, the toilet would reek of a tea-coloured liquid and there were mysterious brown stains in the sink. I tried not to think much about it until she left to go home in the middle of term and the stains disappeared – that was when I knew it was her doings. I tried messaging her about it but she never responded to any of my texts. I still could not figure out what the brown stains were but I find it hard to believe she was not sh*tting in our sink.”

The kitchen patrol

“She would go through the house bin everyday just to see if anything that “did not belong” was thrown in. She would then proceed to stand next to the bins with the lids opened and interrogate everyone who walked into the kitchen. She would also dig out gone bad food out from the bin and put it on the table as she believed they should not be thrown out yet.”

A game of Fruit Ninja

Someone’s flatmate might be too obsessed with playing Fruit Ninja: “He would cut every fruit he ate in half, eat one half then put the other half on a plate on different surfaces in the kitchen. We had a flat viewing with prospective students and we told him to put them away. He legit ROARED at us.”

The Exorcist

This is the last story but beware, it contains bodily fluids: “She kept pounding and screaming from outside my door, threatening me with a lawsuit from her parents who ‘own multiple properties’ if I didn’t come out and clean up my plate that I JUST PUT DOWN in the sink after finishing dinner five minutes ago. I told her to do one and I swear this wasn’t a scene from The Exorcist but she projectile vomited onto my door and floor. I opened the door and saw her face all red, tears streaming down her face and vomit dripping through her gritted teeth and between dry heaves, she continued with the threats.”

This poor girl moved out the next week.

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