Bored of the Forum Library? Here are seven Exeter study spots that aren’t on campus

Because we all know the Law library is a place to socialise, not work

As deadline and exam season is upon us, you may be thinking that the library has become more of a home than your lovely student pad. Yes, while the social hub of the library is a reliable place to study, chat and bump into the entire population of Exeter, it can get a little repetitive. But what are the alternatives? Luckily, I have written a guide to some of the best places in the city to be a certified academic weapon – you can thank me later.

1. The Undergrad

I genuinely think I have spent half of my degree in this place: Think delicious coffees, smoothies and more (plus the best avocado toast) – all at a super affordable price. The Undergrad also offers student discount which makes a study break snack very necessary. Beware, the Undergrad does get busy as it’s a pretty small space, but I can guarantee your study session will be made better with a cosy hot chocolate in here.

2. Pret

Ok, I know there’s a Pret on campus, but good luck getting a seat in there. The Pret on Exeter High Street has loads of study space downstairs, as well as the reliable sandwiches and salads of the chain that every Surrey girl lives for. Plus, it actually accepts the Pret subscription (RIP to the Forum’s Pret), so girl math your way to five free coffees a day.

3. Boston Tea Party

While you may think of BTP as being the go-to spot for a hungover debrief, it’s also a super relaxed place to get some work done. With loads of space and a massive array of food and drinks, Boston Tea Party can be the spot where you feel good about being sober and productive amongst the people regretting their very messy TP Saturday antics (we’ve all been there).

4. The Exploding Bakery

Another gorgeous cafe spot is The Exploding Bakery. Attached to Exeter Central station, grab some nutritious snacks and homemade bakes to munch on alongside a study date with your mates. It’s also a great place to take some very Instagrammable snaps to prove you do actually study at uni.

5. The Sunset Society

The Sunset Society is located in the prime student-housing hub, close to the football stadium. The indie coffee shop is a great and super student-friendly place to drop in and get productive. No more trekking 40 minutes to campus when you have these spots on your doorstep! Also, if you need a study break, this spot offers fun evenings of good music, food and alcohol (win).

6. No 1 Polsloe

Another haunt for those of us in off-campus housing, No 1 Polsloe is a relatively new cafe on Polsloe Road (shock). Tasty brunches, the best brownies in town curtsey of Cocorico and lots of options for veggies and vegans, No 1 Polsoe honestly gives ALL the cosy study vibes that are needed to get through deadline season.

7.  The Quay

Perhaps better to leave to sunny days in Exeter, trips to The Quay to study mean you can enjoy aesthetically pleasing scenery, people watching and some seriously good drinks. A personal favourite is Mango’s, offering brunches, lunches and drinks. Why don’t you treat yourself after all of your hard work to a cheeky cocktail or two?

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