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RIP Matthew Perry: Here are the most relatable Chandler Bing moments for Lancs students

Could Lancaster uni students BE any cooler?

We were all shattered at the news of Matthew Perry’s recent passing. His work and his story inspired so many of us. And more recently, his co-stars have posted heart-warming tributes to him. Anyone who’s watched a lot of Friends will agree that it feels like we were right there with all the characters. He will be missed by so many.

So in tribute to him, we’d like to recognise some of his best moments (or at least the most relatable ones for Lancs students) from his time as Chandler Bing on Friends. From feeling awkward to library naps, we all have a bit of Chandler in us.

‘I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love’

We all have those friends with their cute romantic-ness and it can be really hard. Especially coming close to Christmas, we all just want a special person to do corny and romantic things with. Who wouldn’t want a cheeky little Coastal hot chocolate date? Or a walk through Lancaster looking at the Christmas decorations which are already starting to appear?

I think all students can relate to Season three Chandler who just really wants something to go his way.

Chandler sitting on his sofa singing Lionel Richie

We are making it through November with all of its coursework and exams and deadlines. Some are lucky enough to have enjoyed reading weeks recently, but for the rest of us, this picture feels a little like looking in a mirror.

‘I’m sure you’re right but why’

Rachel calls Chandler an idiot for accidentally giving a guy the wrong impression, so he broke up with her. Chandler of course gets blamed and doesn’t know what went wrong!

If you’re a university student and not confused about most things, most of the time, you might be doing it wrong? This confusion all the time feels like a requirement for a successful university experience, especially when you’re sitting down to write an essay, because why should you, an insignificant student, question the work of great theorists?

Chandler as the Velveteen Rabbit for Halloween

Chandler is supposed to dress up as his favourite childhood character, the Velveteen Rabbit, yet Monica accidently gets the wrong costume. He spends the whole evening looking classy with the pink bunny ears and he “lets” Ross win an arm wrestle. There actually isn’t anything specific about this episode which related to being a Lancs students, but honestly, something about the outfit calls to me. I feel like it’s the Sugarmouse’s long lost brother… university can do strange things to a person.

The One with a Chick and a Duck

As Lancaster students we all have mixed feelings about the ducks. They’re so cute, and who doesn’t enjoy their company from time to time? But equally, they’ve woken me up by squawking outside my window and I keep thinking they’re plotting to steal my food.

‘Eat me, I’m done’

Here, Chandler tries to use the expression “stick a fork in me, I’m done”. It doesn’t land well and Phoebe talks about how she doesn’t eat meat. In the end, he finally manages to explain his point and talk about how he has met the “perfect woman”, and he is finished. We’ve all been there after thinking we met the one on the Sugar dancefloor.

Sleeping on the job

Honestly, this one needs minimal explanation.

Something about the ever-increasing workload and the sky getting dark at 4pm makes this more and more of a reality. Whether this looks like you during lectures (something I witnessed this morning); during a cheeky 2pm nap to forget about the deadlines; or at 1pm when you said you’d wake up early to be productive, this is a definite Lancs student moment.

This has got to be Chandler Bing’s most relatable moment. via YouTube