Calling elves and grinches alike! Here’s your guide to Christmas in Lancaster

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We hope you don’t have too many deadlines in the remaining few weeks of this term because Lancaster is really pulling through with the Christmas events this year. From Toploader to Bingo Bango, Lancs has plenty of new events this year, perfect for your first Christmas at uni or your fifth. So, if you can make time for Christmas, then find a blanket, make yourself a hot chocolate, and here is our guide to a magical Christmas in Lancaster (bit cheesy I know, but it’s Christmas).

Campus ice skating and Christmas markets

If you don’t fancy the trip down to the brewery, there’s no excuse not to go to the Christmas markets on campus, which are on from the 5-7th December. Alongside this, there’s also ice skating in Bowland Main Quad for FREE, run by the SU, so there is really no reason to say no.

Bingo Bango

Kanteena is running a Christmas-themed Bongos Bingo – sorry Bingo Bango – on 2nd December. On their Instagram, they hint that you might spot Santa, so that’s a win in itself. Lancaster is the first stop on the Christmas tour, so if you love all things Christmas and are missing Bongos Bingo this year, go order your ticket.

Lancaster On Ice

Lancaster On Ice is back from the 25th November. If you’re like me and pass Dalton Square every bus journey to uni, then you can’t wait, and are slightly petrified, for the wheel to open. Whether you’re a pro ice skater or an amateur, the rink is back for you to impress or embarrass yourself. If the wheel and ice skating are not your thing, then there is a TiPi bar, with firepits inside.

Winter balls

If you fancy a posh Christmas meal, dressing up and getting loads of pictures with your friends, you should go to your college Winter Ball, or course Winter Ball, if you’re lucky enough to be on a course that offers one. Hurry though, before they sell out.

Toby Carvery

Although you can go all year round, a roast dinner is a no-brainer at Christmas time. We are lucky enough to have a Toby Carvery in Morecambe, so it’s well worth a visit, especially when students can get a 20 per cent discount Monday-Thursday.

Manchester Christmas markets

If all that isn’t enough for you, then the Manchester Christmas Markets are well worth a visit. Others, like York and Edinburgh, are also good, but we’re putting Manchester first as the train should take you just over an hour. There are over 200 stalls, winter gardens, Korean corndogs, Yorkshire pudding wraps, candles, jewellery and macaroons. What’s not to love? They will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.

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