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I went to the Ashton Lane Christmas street party and here’s how it was

Getting into the holiday spirit during study breaks

As usual, I was looking for something I could use to procrastinate studying for finals and writing my essays when I heard about the Ashton Lane Christmas street party. So naturally, my pen was dropped, my laptop was closed, and I was on my way.

The street party happened this Sunday and seems to be a yearly event. If you’re looking for a Christmas day out to get you in the holiday spirit, keep an eye out next year!

In the lane, the lights were on and twinkling above while Christmas trees and garlands lined the cobblestone street. There were even reindeer.

The bars and restaurants in the lane, including Brel and Innis and Gunn, all had stalls and were selling food and drink. The menus all had a Christmassy twist, with things like pigs in blankets hot dogs (delish), Christmas loaded fries, and Christmas toasties. There were also some vegan options.

The market itself, with stalls selling things, was actually located at Hillhead Bookclub. There were stalls selling things like crafts, knitwear, and homemade decor. I also noticed a stall selling pet stuff so if, like me, your pet is spoiled and has their own stocking for Christmas morning, you could buy plenty of presents.

Both Ashton Lane and Hillhead Bookclub had live music, with a solo singer and a choir. It was nice to listen to and sing along while strolling.

The street party was a nice break from studying and definitely got me in the Christmas spirit. I followed my visit with some coffee, cake, and much needed warmth in Valaria on Byers Road.

While it was a lovely afternoon, I have now completely forgotten about finals and want to skip straight to Christmas Eve.

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