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These are the best places for students to rent in Glasgow

You may want to give this a read before this year’s flat-searching begins

Unfortunately, the time of the academic year when students flock to find a place to live is fast approaching. While setting a budget and choosing who you want to live with are the ultimate defining factors for your living experience, the area you choose is also paramount. When deciding on a place to live you will no doubt be considering a variety of factors, such as the price, the proximity to uni, the transport links or even just how well you like the area.

Narrowing your search down to an area (or areas) which you think would be ideal can take a lot of stress out of the flat-searching process. However, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the mass of varying options in Glasgow. GlasgowWorld weighed in on this dilemma, outlining the best areas in Glasgow for students to rent property. Inspired by this, along with the contributions of students and The Tab Glasgow readers on social media, here are our opinions on the best places for students to rent in Glasgow.


If you’re a Glasgow University student who fancies living basically on your uni’s doorstop, then renting in Hillhead is perfect for you. Living here will mean you’ll have the privilege of being able to wake up late and still make your 9am lectures, as well as being able to go home for your lunch; ultimately saving you a fortune if you forget to bring lunch most days (admit it, you’re guilty too).

Hillhead is seen to be the heart of the West End, boasting a plethora of cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as frequent bus routes and a Subway station. As such, it has become the most desirable location for students in the West End, meaning getting a flat here can be a real struggle, not to mention pricey.


Residents enjoy a range of independent shops, bars and cafes, and Glasgow Uni Students who live in the area are also often lucky enough to discover their quickest route to uni from their flat is through Kelvingrove Park, which I certainly don’t think is too bad of a start to the day. Finniest0n also has a Lidl, ideal for keeping the cost of a weekly shop down.  While it is by no means the cheapest area in the city (probably to the surprise of no one), it is in many ways the quintessential student area, which explains its popularity with those from all of the universities in Glasgow.


This West End area has been heavily student-based for years, and it is easy to see why. Within walking distance of Glasgow Uni and boasting a wide range of supermarkets, bars and restaurants as well as excellent transport links across the city, Partick has the perfect mix of all you require for a great student living experience.

Whilst once again properties in this area often find themselves to be on the upper end of many’s budgets, there are certainly reasonably priced flats to be found in this vibrant area.


Between Partick and Finnieston we find Yorkhill, which shares many of its neighbouring areas’ amenities and their close proximity to the University of Glasgow. It is also conveniently placed for public transport leading into the city centre, and a five minute walk to Kelvinhall Subway station. Property in this area, as with much of the West End can sometimes be on the pricier end, but often less so compared to its ultra-trendy neighbours.

For many students, Yorkhill is an excellent place to live if you want the proximity to university of Hillhead and the style of Finnieston at a slightly more affordable price.


Another popular choice for students in the West End of Glasgow is Woodlands. This area finds itself conveniently placed between the University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Park, Sauchiehall Street and Great Western Road. Those who live in Woodlands benefit from a wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as being within walking distance of supermarkets.

This location and the standard of amenities and indeed property in the area understandably mean it is one of the West End’s priciest neighbourhoods, but this has not deterred flocks of students from calling it home.


Situated in the north of the West End is Kelvinside. This is one of the most densely student populated areas in the whole of Glasgow, and its close proximity to the University of Glasgow as well as a bus route into the city centre make it clear to see why.

It is also home to various cafes and supermarkets which make it an ideal, but occasionally pricey area to live.


Another one of the West End’s most desirable areas is Kelvinbridge. With a bustling cafe culture and a variety of independent shops situated along Great Western Road in this area, it is no surprise why students flock to it. It also has a Subway station and is conveniently situated on a bus route into the city centre, whilst being within walking distance of Glasgow University.

Once again, flats here can be on the more expensive end but nevertheless, it is still one of the West End’s most popular student areas.

St George’s Cross

Perhaps the perfect option for those seeking a middle ground between Glasgow Uni in the West End and Strathclyde and Caledonian in the city centre is St George’s Cross.

Within walking distance of all the city’s universities and the city centre, it finds itself to be pretty much perfectly placed. There are also excellent transport links in the area as well as supermarkets and restaurants, making it a very attractive option.


Another solid middle ground option between both university areas in the city is Cowcaddens.  Perhaps most known for its stop on the Subway, it is also conveniently placed right next to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, ideal if you are a student there. For students at the city’s other universities, the good public transport links make it an easy place to commute from, and the short distance from the city centre means it is ideal for returning from nights out.

Compared to other areas particularly in the West End, Cowcaddens is a more affordable option, making it an attractive prospect to students.

Merchant City

A popular option amongst students at Strathclyde and Caledonian is the Merchant City. Boasting impressive architecture and a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants, Merchant City is widely seen as one of the nicest areas in the whole city, meaning that it is not always the cheapest option.

However, being within walking distance of the city centre’s two universities and good transport links make it a very popular area regardless.


Located in the East End of Glasgow is Dennistoun. While a commute to the city centre’s universities is required, thankfully the area finds itself situated on a frequent and consistent bus route.

Besides this, the area has a rich cultural and social scene, in fact, it was even named Glasgow’s most stylish area to live, beating competition across the rest of the city, including in the West End. So if you fancy living somewhere with the style of the West End but without its prices, maybe Dennistoun is for you.


Moving across the Clyde into Glasgow’s Southside is Govan, which is an area with a lot to offer to its residents; especially students. Govan has frequent bus links, and its Subway stop makes it an ideal location for commuting to any of the city’s three universities. A bus can also take you across Govan to its large retail park with a 24 hour Asda supermarket. As a result, renting in Govan has become an attractive and increasingly popular option for many students due to its more reasonable prices in comparison to areas north of the river.

While it is a place often overlooked by many students, Govan is an up-and-coming area which you should certainly not rule out from your flat search, especially if you are seeking value for money.

Do you think we have missed any? Has your area been left out? Let us know!

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