If you have these things in your winter wardrobe, you’re 100 per cent a Leeds student

*cries in skinny scarf* (like that’s going to keep you warm)

When you’re a Leeds student, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 30 degrees or -10 degrees: Nothing comes in the way of fashion.

As temperatures start dropping down to single figures, winter wardrobes have started to replace autumn ones (the white linen trousers really aren’t going to keep you warm enough any more), and so I thought it’s time I gave you my predictions of the items of clothing you’ll now be seeing 10,000 times a day on campus. If you own any of the things below, rest assured, you’re a certified Hyde Park local.

1. North Face puffer jacket

Starting off fairly easy, we have the iconic The North Face puffer jacket. Bonus points if it’s the plain black one (it just cuts such a good silhouette, am I right fashion guys and girlies?). It doesn’t matter that you paid £300+ for a tiny little logo…does it?

2. Skinny scarf

What’s a skinny scarf going to do against the cold, I hear you say? Exactly the question the entire Leeds student population should be asking themselves. The thinner, more lace tablecloth looking, the greater the protection, apparently.

3. Salomons

Ah, the shoes of the year. It doesn’t matter that you all bought these because TikTok and Instagram told you to, because they’re technically for hiking, which makes them perfect for navigating that treacherous walk across Hyde Park – you don’t want to slip on a leaf!

4. Motel wide leg jeans

Do you even go to Leeds if you don’t own at least one pair of Motel wide leg jeans? Didn’t think so. The baggy fit is just so Scandi and chic, and, even better, they’re always so long they drag in the mud. Does that count as distressed denim?

5. Carhartt jacket/gilet

You might think you’re different having workwear in your wardrobe, but I’m going to have to break it to you – you’re not. Admittedly, it’s pretty trendy, but that canvas material won’t do anything against the rain, and if you’re relying on a gilet, well, enjoy freezing?

6. UO furry coat

Just because it’s 2020 core, let’s not pretend you don’t bring this out every winter, for nostalgia, if nothing else. I can’t imagine that faux fur trim is very white, or very furry, at this point, but she’s still cute for wearing to the pub (where you’ll see at least 20 other people in the same thing).

7. Parachute trousers

The best thing about parachute trousers is the way they fly around in Leeds’ ridiculously windy weather. There’s nothing better than looking (and sounding) like a piece of washing flapping around on a washing line, but when they’re such a staple of Hyde Park fashion, it’s so worth it.

8. Arc’teryx’s entire collection

Who knew that high performance outdoor wear would be needed to literally just sit in the library? I mean, Brotherton isn’t exactly toasty, but it’s no Mount Everest. It’s okay though, I get it, you just want to be their unpaid brand ambassador.

9. A faded, bobbly ‘vintage’ sports jumper

I couldn’t really make this list without at least one reference to a stained Adidas or Nike jumper you bought for £30 from Depop, could I? Consider me even more impressed if it’s meant to be a child’s.

10. UGG boots

Coming in at number ten is a pair of UGG boots, whether it’s the old favourites you were given for Christmas aged 14, or the new low-cut ones. They might keep your toes cosy, but if you even look at a puddle, they’re definitely turning into a soggy, brown mess.

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