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Just five iconic BeReals we’ve all taken as Brum uni students

Let’s be real, we can’t resist a cheeky one with Old Joe

BeReal and student life go hand in hand, with around 20 million people taking their BeReal every day. A way to document the daily, we all have that shared anxiety of getting it on time and capturing a snippet of uni life – largely for proof that you do indeed leave the house. There are two types of people in life, one who saves their BeReal until a good moment, or the one who is religiously on time.

We all know that feeing when the notification goes off whilst you’re in the library or the lecture hall, and it can be a mad rush to be on time. Let’s just hope your ringer was on silent and you haven’t just embarrassed yourself in front of everyone.

1. Old Joe (so handsome)

Coming in strong as number one we have an Old Joe feature. If you don’t have at least one BeReal where Old Joe features, do you even go to UOB? Arguably the most scenic spot on campus, it sure is a nicer view than Selly.

2. Sports night: Hot mess or just mess?

Up next, you have to get a BeReal at sports night. Whether it’s showing off your wild outfit, or just capturing the memories, everyone has done it at some point. Just don’t be an embarrassing fresh and try to get the third years’ in it.

3. ‘I’m in my academic weapon era’

If you’re trying to prove to your friends that you do indeed do work, there’s no better place to showcase it than in the library. Characterised by a glum face and something purposely interesting on your laptop (it’s probably not work) it can be an awkward manoeuvre. Just don’t leave your ringer on or everyone will stare. Been there, done that.

4. Welcome to Hell. AKA Selly Oak

Exclusive to Birmingham it has to be one that glamorises smelly Selly. The only acceptable place to take a BeReal in Selly Oak, is The Goose. Showing to your friends at home that you can actually socialise, or that you have a sudden interest in the rugby or football that’s on the TV. Other notable landmarks include Dilshads, Hey Brew, sweet treat trip to Tesco and the back of the Aldi queue in rush hour.

5. The lecture can wait, BeReal cannot

When BeReal goes off, you sometimes have to drop everything to take it, especially if you want your extra ones for later. This may mean having to take it mid-seminar or lecture, proving you do indeed have friends on your course. Plus it adds some entertainment for those prone to a cheeky zoom in for your friends to see if you’re even making notes.

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