Here are eight ways you can be a sustainable queen as a Leeds student

Channel your inner Greta Thunberg

Its tricky to know where to start to be more sustainable, and when you’ve spent all day in Eddy B studying (or at least had your laptop open), you may not have the mental capacity to put sustainability onto the pile of your deadlines and exams.

But there are many simple ways to being more eco-friendly in Leeds as a student. It really can be as easy as grabbing a coffee from Common Ground in your own cup or just listening to your music and walking to campus. So, why not try out these tips below?

1. Shop second hand

Buying second hand clothes is an easy way to avoid fast fashion, and most Leeds students are no strangers to shopping pre loved clothes.

If you’re looking to online shop, Vinted and Depop are the ones. You will fit right in, as there is nothing a Leeds student loves more than telling someone who likes their outfit, “thanks, it’s from Vinted!”.

Charity shops are also great for a bargain, with plenty of choice along Otley Road in Headingley. You’re also way less likely to be overcharged than you are for something claiming to be y2k (looking at you, Depop).

2. Walk!

This may be an obvious one, but if you’re a student living in Leeds, you’re most likely to be living within walking distance of uni and the city centre. So instead of driving or getting an Uber, get your steps in and take in the Woodhouse Moor scenes.

3. Freeze your food

Food shops are difficult to handle as a student, as you’re normally only buying for yourself. On top of that, those veggies you bought three days ago when you were in your healthy girl era don’t cut it when your inner sweet treat gal comes out at the end of a long day.

Whilst its cheaper to buy bigger portions of food, if you don’t eat it, money and food gets wasted. Therefore, the best way to reduce this food waste is to freeze as much food as possible. Most food can be frozen, and you’re bank will be much happier. That way, your veggie drawer in the fridge won’t be filled with rotting food you bought in the beginning of the week, but safe and sound in the freezer ready for when you fancy.

4. Refill stores






















Continuing with food waste, right on the Uni of Leeds campus in the student union is the Green Action Food Co-op refill shop.

Run by LUU Green Action, providing low waste essentials, this place is so convenient. Just bring your own Tupperware, so you can skip out on packaging and choose from their many vegan options.

5. Recycle

A very simple way to be more sustainable is to recycle.

To make sure you know which bins are for what, check out the Instagram Reel below by the Sustainability Service at the University of Leeds.

If you’re in Headingley, the local bottle bank is just outside the Headingley Taps, so why not drop it off and get a pint to reward yourself?

6. Get yourself a reusable cup

If you’re stuck studying all day, taking a break or two for coffee is a well deserved treat (okay, a need). But instead of using the cup they give you, bring your own – if you do so in Caffe Nero, you’ll earn extra points towards a free drink, and at the University of Leeds cafes, you can buy their own cup to keep and get 25p off takeaway drinks.

7. Buy second hand books

Uni textbooks seem to cost an arm and a leg, so instead of going into your overdraft for your module, look at reselling sites to get them second hand.

Not only are you saving money, but you’ll be saving a tree or two aswell. Unid books is a great option for this and you can cut out shipping and meet the seller right on campus.

8. Join a sustainability society

If these tips are already known to you, or you just want to know more, Leeds has some really great societies that are aimed in sustainability. For example, why not check out @luugreenaction, @luusussoc or @uol_sus for more information and get involved!

Featured image via @gretathunberg on Instagram

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