Five things that would go down in the Exeter Uni hall of fame

FYI, your housemate getting kicked out of TP doesn’t make the cut

Exeter Uni has had some pretty wild events occur over the recent years, but which are actually worthy of a place in the hall of fame? The outrageous antics of your friends on a night out may seem like they’re worthy of Exetah recognition, but stay tuned to find out what is actually significant enough to be deemed famous. Elements including shock factor, national media coverage and student Facebook circulation will all be taken into consideration, let’s get into this.

The Just Stop Oil protester

Yes, he is absolutely worthy of a place on the Exeter Uni hall of fame. I’ve never seen a buzz quite like when he set up camp on top of the Forum after throwing a bucket of orange paint. Students were running from far and wide to take a look, and he was the talk of the campus for at least a week: I would say this was a pretty successful protest. Thus, he earns the top spot on the hall of fame.

Sax man in The Law Library

Do you remember that pretty rogue moment in which an avid saxophone player decided to serenade the entirety of the Law Library during the third term last year? Social media went absolutely crazy for this one, so even if you weren’t studying away at the library that day, I’m sure you will have still seen the videos. My question is, what happened to the sax man? Will there be any other impromptu performances this year? And most importantly, can we get him to upstairs old timers on a Wednesday night?

When there was a literal bomb

Right, even if you weren’t a student at the university when this happened, you must have lived under a rock to have not seen this on the national news. The discovery of an unexploded World War Two bomb just chilling underneath university accommodation is crazy, and students were evacuated to nearby hotels whilst they started the process of removing it. Without a doubt, the bomb gets a spot on the Exeter Uni hall of fame.

That one week when all sports socials were banned

This one dates back a couple years, but I’m sure all you third and fourth years can remember the absolute uproar of that one Wednesday night being cancelled. The shock, the horror, the absolute nightmare of not being able to chop an outrageous number of pints still haunts social-goers to this day. Not to mention, the uni-wide rumours spiralling as to which social was responsible for the ban, which let’s be honest, nobody ever got to the bottom of. Every person I’ve ever asked has given me a different story and a different club, but everything I’ve heard suggests the ban probably was justified.

Stormzy graduating with an honorary degree

Who could forget Stormzy at 2022 graduation. He achieved an honorary degree for his outstanding achievements in the field of higher education philanthropy and widening participation. Stormzy has got to be up there with some of the most famous Exeter graduates, and for that reason, gets a spot on the hall of fame.

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