These are the five best date night spots for Exeter Uni students

To be fair, anywhere that isn’t Revs is good enough to make the list

Dating at uni is a wild ride, and more often than not it can be an awkward experience. You may meet your fair share of rugby players, mummy’s boys or even worse, the ones with commitment issues. But if you’re lucky enough to get out of the talking stage on Hinge, or get a 10’s Snapchat in Timepiece, here are some of the best places to take your new beau.

1. The Quay

What is there not to love about the Quay? Scenic views, pretty walks, and overpriced restaurants. The Quay shines in term three in the nicer weather, but remains a popular date spot all year round. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by studying or getting bored of the same high street haunts, it’s a nice change of pace down there: Perfect for romance!

Although if you’re a first year, the trek from campus is almighty, so maybe leave it until you’re living in the city. Puerto Lounge has to be the best restaurant down there, and you can order and pay from your phone which avoids the awkwardness that comes from splitting the bill later!

2. Artigiano’s

You can’t go wrong with this classic spot: Cocktails, live music and pub quizzes all included. Not too far, not too expensive, not too loud; if you’re a single uni student, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have a date here at some point. Bond with your new sweetheart over espresso martinis on this very grown up date. Bonus points if you go after 5pm, when the cocktails are two for £15!

3. The Boneyard Arcade

Tired of pub first dates? Fancy somewhere completely different? Take your beloved on a trip to Boneyard Arcade: The only place in Exeter frozen in time. Hidden on Red Lion Lane near Unit 1, the arcade consists of retro video games that fill hours with fun.

For just £5, you get 20 credits to spend, which last a good hour and a half. Transport yourself back to the eighties not only with the games but with the price of drinks, with glass bottle Pepsis at just £1. Compete at Dance Dance Revolution, battle on the Grand Prix racing games, and even play an original game of Pac-man.

4. The Jolly Pottery

If you’re feeling brave enough to take your date out without any alcohol involved, make plans at The Jolly Pottery on Fore Street. There’s nothing more therapeutic than creating a piece of art, and if you’re done with chaotic dates with chaotic people then this might just be your answer! Pottery painting runs from Wednesday to Sunday each week at a cost of £5 per person plus the cost of your pottery, so you might want to save this one for a few dates down the line. You also have to wait two weeks for them to be glazed and fired, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not feeling the vibe.

5. The Old Firehouse