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Answer these Lancs habits questions to determine if you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list

Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake

Ho, ho, ho, and welcome to Quizmas day five! This quiz will determine if you’re naughty or nice, based on your Lancaster habits. With the elves currently starting to prepare the presents, we need to determine whether you’ll be on the naughty or nice list. Whether this is your first or final year at Lancaster University, completing these questions will determine if Santa will be leaving presents under your tree (praying for a Greggs voucher) or just a lump of coal.

As we all know, he’s going to find out whether you’re naughty or nice, so make sure you answer these questions truthfully. Otherwise, you’ll be on the naughty list for eternity. We hope you make it to the nice list and that everything on your wish list becomes a reality. Make sure you don’t take too long to answer these questions as Santa will be packing his sleigh very soon!

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