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Plan a Lancs festive night out and we’ll tell you where you should go for Christmas dinner

It’s Quizmas baby!

We’re now well into the festive season and students are braving the winter nights out, but what is your favourite way to party? Are you an “in bed by 11pm” person or do you boogie until the sun comes up? Let’s be honest, we’re all used to freezing our fingers off on the way to Sugar, but now it’s December we have to ask whether you’re a mulled wine drinker for pres, or do you stick to your classic Aldi Rosé?

Lancaster is rife with good Christmas meal venues, so you probably have society meals coming up as it nears the end of term so make use of the abundance of choice! Go out for a meal with your flatmates, or have the dreaded Christmas meal at home, where someone always burns something and there’s always an argument. Either way, the festivities are well underway and Lancaster is ready for it!

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