A complete guide to Brum’s best vintage and second hand spots

It’s time to ditch fast fashion once and for all

Can’t quite bare seeing half of Fab wearing the same Urban top as you? Tired of contributing to a harmful linear fashion model? With so many vintage startups, markets, stores and charity shops, Birmingham is the perfect place for you to look and feel fabulous while helping the planet and your pockets.

So, grab your friends, re-enact that iconic Wild Child charity shop scene and beat that painfully long Zara returns queue with this list of Brum’s best student friendly second hand and environmentally friendly second hand shopping

COW Vintage, Digbeth

For all the vintage Newbies, COW may be the way to go for its high street shop feel.

COW has a huge selection of quality vintage and cool reworked pieces (check out the reworked denim tote bags), that is all very pristine and well-organised. You won’t be wading through mountains of scraggly 90s vintage here.

It is on the pricier side, but not totally unreasonable. As the student loan dwindles, we suggest it might be more suitable for a Christmas splurge.

With gritty décor, cute plants and lots of mirrors, this place is perfect for the aesthetic Instagram fit checks we all love.

Redbrick Market

This colourful market is home to many second hand stalls. Varsity jumpers, sport hoodies, and dad-style fleeces are big here – perfect for keeping you toasty and stylish on all your hot girl walks this winter.

Whilst you’re there, check out the cool collection of small businesses selling everything from quirky antique tables to empowering mirror stickers.

High Street, Harborne

Harborne is THE ultimate home of charity shopping in Brum. Just a 15 minute bus ride from North Gate, find Barnardo’s, PDSA, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Sue Ryder and Headway all conveniently located all on one street in super close proximity.

With so much choice you are absolutely bound to find a fit for even the most random sports night themes; pigs and princesses anyone?

The fun doesn’t end here. According to girl math, with all that money you saved it’s basically free for you to indulge at Rudy’s Napoletana and grab one of Brum’s best pizzas.


Support your local with Hazaar – UoB’s answer to Depop and Vinted.

With this easy app you can buy and sell second hand clothing with a few clicks. Instead of postage – which hurts the environment, your bank account, and is just a logistical nightmare, just meet on campus.

For those of us that love a sweet treat (who doesn’t), watch out for Hazaar reps on campus and their never-ending supply of donuts for a delicious pre-9am pick up.

Sheanies, Selly Oak

Selly isn’t just good for nights out at Circo. Our little corner of Brum has just had some sparkling new additions. Two Sheanies Vintage designer streetwear stores have opened up on Bristol Road and Raddlebarn Road (living at the top of Heeley Road isn’t ALL bad).

If you fancy the Carhartt skater look but don’t want to lose half your student loan, Sheanies has got you covered with its relatively affordable selection of second-hand streetwear.

From classic Wrangler denim, to Dickies jackets, or even some funky 90s graphic tees – you can finally honour your year eight “Skater Boi” phase.

Birmingham Hospice – Selly Oak Shop

Just a few doors down from Sheanies, on the corner of Heeley is this charity shop gem that raises money for locals living with a terminal illness and their families.

Birmingham Hospice is home to a constantly changing stock of quality clothing, jewellery, shoes, and bags. Fortunately, it’s all priced well within our tight student budget.

With the festive season fast approaching, join in the Christmas spirit by raiding Birmingham Hospice’s Christmas section and grab yourself a very useful Santa suit while helping your local Selly community.

‘Worth the Weight Kilo’ sale at The Custard Factory

This is a touring kilo sale which makes its way round the country and often stops right here in Brum’s Custard Factory, Digbeth.

Warning: This one is for the vintage pros. Be prepared to wade through A LOT of stuff. If you persevere you can find some real treasures here. Think ‘statement suede patterned vintage trench coat’.

At twenty pounds per kilo, and two pounds (three for early bird access) entry, it’s pretty pricey. If you’re tactical, opt for some light pieces such as a trusty tee or shirt – you are sure to make your money’s worth.

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