Clubbers of the week: It’s week 11 and we’re in festive heaven

Too many Peppermint Schnapps for some …

An academic comeback cannot be delivered by Santa this Christmas but maybe a night out clubbing can bring out that festive cheer (or chunder). Kickstarting the first week of December has you all in Lincoln trying, maybe, too hard to pull off that Christmas sweater. Nonetheless, taking the time now to look back and rejoice about this week’s nights out with entries from multiple clubs as always. Roll on the weekend.

Album of the week

Colour coordinated his Stein

Runners up


Hero/Heroine of the week

The very strong knitwear

Runners up

When is it my turn to be happy

The man double-parked on the dance floor

Either the floor isn’t level or she’s really short

Creeper of the week

We’re hoping she knew this man

Runners up

Creeper (right), Screecher (left)

The classic awkward creep

WTF of the week

Texan Stag-Do is certainly a Switch Up

Runners up

Wonder what the lady in the back is saying

Either he’s spilt it or is the greatest dancer there

When the Tax return drops. I don’t know, grown-up stuff…

Stunner of the week


Runners up

Men have a fraction of the suave that Bully has here

Everyone in the picture including the Jorts

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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