Here are the best pub quizzes in Glasgow throughout the week

Putting all those hours watching Countdown to good use!

You know the feeling, spending your whole life slowly waiting for the perfect opportunity to flex that one random bit of knowledge you learned five years ago. Well, I’m happy to say, the time is now. Seize the opportunity, gather your friends, and attend one of Glasgow’s world-famous pub quizzes. From the Oran Mor to Firewater, you’re really spoiled for choice with places to put all the extensive hours you’ve spent watching Countdown to good use.

Regardless of how many British monarchs you can name or African countries, there is a quiz out there that will suit you perfectly! Providing you with a great excuse to break free from the shackles of exam season, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of all the best pub quizzes to attend in Glasgow.

Ark – Monday, 8pm

Located at 46 North Frederick Street, the Ark hosts a quiz every Monday at 8pm. At £1 per head, you can enjoy a night that ranges from geographical knowledge to sport and pop culture. From the quiz I attended, however, there was definitely a stronger emphasis on sports-based questions over anything else, so definitely one for sports lovers and aspiring athletes.

When the quiz got going the atmosphere was electric and wildly competitive. As we didn’t book a seat we did spend the first few minutes desperately hunting for a seat. But when found, we had a great time, it is true we came seventh, but we did have fun.

Whilst the bar is open all night, they do stop serving food at 10pm with the exception of snacks such as nuts. If you’re thinking of attending the Ark, it’s definitely worth booking a table, unless you want to spend the night standing – as many did.

 Broadcast – Tuesday, 8.30pm

Possibly one of the most famous bars among students, Broadcast hosts a speed quiz event every Tuesday 8.30pm. The quiz is multiple choice, and due to the nature of speed quizzing, you get points for speed, think of it as a drunken game of Kahoot but with much better rewards for the victors. Speaking of rewards, first place wins £50 cash, second wins a bottle of prosecco, whilst third wins a case of beer.

Altogether, this is a quiz that feels like it is crafted for a student demographic. This is also the only pub quiz on this list that explicitly claims you can take your own food, crisps and nuts are still on offer though, of course.

 Firewater, Wednesday, 8.30pm

Altogether, this is a quiz that feels like it is crafted for a student demographic. This is also the only pub quiz on this list that explicitly claims you can take your own food, crisps and nuts are still on offer though, of course.

 Firewater, Wednesday, 8.30pm

 You’ve heard of Firewater Thursdays, but have you heard of its younger less successful half-sister Quiz Night Wednesdays?! Every Wednesday at 8.30pm, without fail, Firewater holds one of the most intense, yet not as well-known pub quizzes. The questions tend to keep on the same line of pop culture and general knowledge. Much like Broadcast, this is a quiz that caters to a younger demographic.

I have to be honest, I was extremely apprehensive about the idea of this one. My first assumption was that it would be completely vacant of life, I had this image of me and my friends being the only people in attendance. This prejudice was mostly caused by people’s reaction to the idea of a pub quiz at Firewater – often one of confusion and apprehension. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong, the place was relatively busy, not bustling, but not empty, but when it comes to pub quizzes, you don’t need a massive crowd of people. All in all, this was a great night and would recommend it.

Whilst this is the only quiz on this list that does not supply food, it does have the highest cash prize, winners can walk away with up to £100.

 Curler’s Rest, Tuesday, 7.00pm

Located on Byres Road (next to Hillhead subway station) The Curler’s Rest is one of Glasgow’s longest-lasting pub quizzes, where attendees can walk away with a cash prize based on how many people enter.

The quiz we attended started with a round that involved naming the “celebrity”. This involved a sheet of paper with about 15 famous faces you had to name. However, this sheet of celebrities consisted of Z list “celebrities” from the 1950s that, I’d imagine, barely anyone knew. Despite this lacking start, it did pick up. This was still a good night, a solid (5/10)

Unlike the rest, this does not feel like a quiz that is aimed at a younger demographic. That being said, this doesn’t discredit that actual experience, the quiz master is funny and engaging and makes the quiz that bit more enjoyable.

 Oran Mor, Wednesday, 8.30pm

Located in the heart of the west end, every Wednesday at 8.30pm someone is given the opportunity to leave with a £50 voucher with other prizes such as prosecco. With questions ranging from science and nature to entertainment, to of course general knowledge, Oran Mor’s quiz night is a great way to spend an evening with friends. Like most other quizzes on this list, food is served till 9pm, then all that is offered is classic pub snacks such as crisps and nuts.

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