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Is La Rocca really worth that queue? Nine unpopular opinions about Bristol University

It’s time to reconsider that Bristol fleece in your seminar

Bristol is a diverse city filled with varied opinions, but some of them are just dead wrong. No one should be scared to challenge the status quo; it’s time to stand up to your cheesy hits obsessed housemate and dance to a different tune on a Friday night. Next time that “devil’s advocate” seminar weapon starts to pull out their baccy pouch, remind them that there is a time and a place, and discussing quantum engineering is not an appropriate place to roll up their nicotine hit.

1. Living outside of Stoke Bishop is not the end of the world

The main consensus around first year accommodation is that Stoke Bishop is the place to be, but this isn’t necessarily the case. While the commute to uni up Park Street will lead to existential thoughts every morning, the extremely crowded 8:40 U1 from Stoke Bishop is not for the faint-hearted. If anything, city centre students have hacked the system, being within walking distance from most clubs and being more in touch with reality than those in the Stokey-B bubble.

2. Senate House is an overrated spot to study in

Senate is in a prime location, and its many floors of study areas, including the 4th floor living room, are a popular choice to set up camp for the day. This makes finding a spot past 11:30am a near impossible task, and that’s not even in exam season. Sometimes to stop being an academic butter knife, you need to surround yourself with academic weapons, and Wills Library or the Queens Building are two prime options. Filled with dark academia vibes they are the ideal spot to romanticise catching up from week two.

3. People who wear their Bristol merch to lectures deserve to be sent to the pits of hell

One of the benefits of joining a uni sports team is being able to show off your status with the exclusive Bristol Uni merchandise. However, wearing these jumpers to every occasion is obnoxious, and those wearing “Bristol Lacrosse” fleeces to a 9am Monday lecture makes me irrationally angry. You could wear a full suit and tie and still be less of a show off.

4. Skinny scarves are overrated

This is not urging against rolling in general, by all means, roll to your heart’s desires, but not in the middle of a seminar group discussion when you are only trying to look cool. There are obvious situations where rolling is socially acceptable, but put the baccy away while we are discussing the Spanish Inquisition. 

6. Jason’s chips are far superior to M&M’s chips

This one probably isn’t that unpopular; Jason’s queues are often longer than M&M’s, plus we all have a crush on JJ and shamelessly believe we are his favourite. This popularity has been earned for good reason – the chips are elite here, they give you all the sauces you could dream of and are never stingy on cheese, and thick chips always over thin chips. 

7. Avoid taking the bus at all costs

One of the only things to miss about first year is the bus pass included with your accommodation with the generally reliable U1. Now, in second year, bus reality has hit and if you want to get anywhere on time you better be leaving at least 20 minutes early for buses to be late or cancelled. While no one wants to climb Park Street, sometimes it is worth it, you can get a snack from Tescos for the journey, and if it’s less than £1.70 then you’re actually saving money! Just think of the Bristol bum, which is not achieved through sitting on buses 24/7.

8. Coffee is worth buying out

While it is not sustainable to be buying daily lattes from the cute independent Bristol cafes, as much as we’d love to, the luxury of a barista-made coffee compared to instant is too nice to resist. Sometimes the only way to get through a tough study day is to promise yourself a coffee break when you get to 300 words (this technique is tried and tested and works wonders). Finding deals can make this habit more economical, like the Bristol Moves app, which gives free hot drinks from source cafes just by doing steps. A sweet treat for sanity is always worth it. 

9. 10 before 10 at The Cori Tap is probably a terrible idea