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Tell us what kind of Lancs student you are and we’ll judge your Christmas decorations

Even Scrooge had a bit of tinsel somewhere 🙂

Happy Quizmas Day nine! With Christmas coming round so fast this year, student decorations have gone up even faster. And it makes sense because for most of us, we’re living away from our families, procrastinating deadlines and really wishing for a big home-cooked meal. Whatever happens, Christmas can be great because we can make big meals with friends and go ice skating, and redecorate our flats for every season.

Whether this is colour-coordinated baubles on a Christmas tree brought from home, a Christmas wreath made out of clothes pegs, or cut-out paper snowflakes, we are so here for the festive spirit this year. This is a time to decorate and do whatever you want. So, tell us about yourself and what kind of Lancs student you are and we will guess what kind of festive decorator you are.

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