These are the top brunch spots in Glasgow for your next hungover morning after

A true Glaswegian’s guide to brunch in the city

It’s safe to say that brunch is the most important meal of the day! Ok…maybe not, but it certainly is the most fun. Brunch is a true student staple and the perfect pick-me-up to help combat these stressful uni times.

When it comes to brunch the possibilities are endless – it could be a birthday treat, a boost before a long study session or perhaps even a much-needed hangover cure. No matter the occasion, there is a brunch spot in Glasgow for you.

Born and raised in Glasgow, I know a thing or two about the city but most importantly I know the best brunch places. So let me share some insider knowledge on the best brunch spots in Glasgow.

 Serenity Now

This is an excellent spot for all of the Glasgow University students out there as Serenity Now is only a five minute walk from campus. Based on Great Western Road the cafe is loosely themed on Seinfeld and decorated in pretty pastel colours which match the relaxed ambience. This is an inclusive eatery that caters to various dietary requirements which is ideal when going out with a big group.

The menu is entirely vegan and offers everything from pancakes to breakfast burritos.It is a lovely serene place to hang out with friends and enjoy some good food!

Cafe Go-Go

Another West End spot, this little lesser known but still strong competitor provides a delicious and affordable brunch. Cafe Go-Go is just off Byres Road and is nestled in the little cobble street of Cresswell Lane. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the café is a cute spot no matter the weather.

The cafe’s food is absolutely delicious and there is an excellent selection from a classic breakfast to many variations of avocado toast (a brunch staple). And with a 10 per cent student discount, you really can’t go wrong.

Gusto and Relish

Moving over to the Southside now, which is a haven of eclectic eateries, and it’s safe to say Gusto and Relish stand out from the pack. With a rustic and relaxed atmosphere, it is a lovely place to enjoy a lazy Sunday. The menu is big, but not too big, and in addition to the usual brunch items they also offer a selection of deli-style sandwiches for the more savoury favouring patrons.

As a Southsider, this is my go-to local brunch spot. If you are a city centre or West End dweller, I urge you to venture south for brunch and explore this side of the city.


In the city centre, the most well-known and loved brunch spot has to be Singl-end. Based in Merchant City and Garnethill, the café and bakehouse are known for their boozy brunches and a tailored cocktail selection. The menu screams brunch and if the home-baked Granola is not to your taste, then you must be at least impressed by their seven unique ways of serving eggs.

Singl-end is an institution for brunch in Glasgow and I speculate they were doing brunch before brunch was cool. A slightly more expensive spot, however perfect for a special occasion – perhaps a birthday brunch.

Elois Cafe

Elois Cafe is a hidden gem of a brunch spot. Tucked behind the busy centre of West End on Maryhill’s Queen Margaret Drive the café offers a delicious and authentic brunch. My earliest memories of brunch happen to be in this lovely little café. I remember the teenage excitement of smoothies in mason jars and icing sugar dusted French crepes.

The menu has a Mediterranean undertone and caters to every taste from sweet to savoury. This is the perfect place to spend a typical Glaswegian rainy day, looking out the big glass window and counting your blessings that you are cosy inside.

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