You’re not really a Newcastle student if you haven’t done these embarrassing things

£9,250 for a great education and some seriously humbling experiences

Many leave university with a great degree, maybe some work experience and a whole lot of embarrassing memories. Whether it be a drunken mishap or a serious sober mistake, you aren’t fully a Newcastle Uni student if you have had a smooth-sailing, non-cringe inducing and overall wonderful three years. If you graduate and look back on your time in Newcastle without cringing, you aren’t doing it right pal x

We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of, but these are a few things that might turn Newcastle Uni students red…

1. Missed a seminar or two

…Or three. It’s not the concerningly low attendance or lack of catching up that so many of us are familiar with, but introducing yourself to your seminar leader on WEEK NINE of your semester. There’s nothing more humbling than the scathing judgement in their eyes and the classmates who aren’t exactly sure if you are in the wrong room.

2. The Shaker queue

There is something so undignified in being willing to stand outside in the snow, wind and rain for a club that routinely plays the same ABBA songs every Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday. For hours. The Shaker queue is something many Newcastle students will argue is a complete waste of time but a rite of passage that is integral to the embarrassment that is the uni experience.

3. Drunk and disorderly

Speaking of Shaker, one too many of the blue trebs may leave many students feeling seriously embarrassed, ashamed and horrendously hungover the next day. The Toon is a notorious place for alcohol and bad decisions, and if the struggling bank account doesn’t get to you, the relentless hangxiety will.

4. Chaos in the takeaway

On the theme of a silly night out, are you really a Newcastle Uni student if you haven’t created a raucous in the takeaway? From having a fight with the punching machines to actually having a fight with a fellow drunken person, I guarantee, come morning, all there will be is a sore head and some serious regret.

5. Library-ing

Going to the library is NOT embarrassing, however, not going to the library for the full three years kind of is. Coming from an embarrassed second year who didn’t even know where the Phillip Robinson library was until a month ago x

6. Castle Leazes

I’m not sure this requires an explanation.

7. Wrong time and wrong lecture

So many students have made this mistake and many more will. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into the wrong lecture theatre. The only thing that comes close is maybe committing to the act and staying there for the entire duration. Nightmare.

Leave it up to the wrong lecturer to make you blush x

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