What your favourite Hunger Games man says about you as an Exeter Uni student

Gale fans are about to be slandered

Hello Hunger Games fans! It’s without a doubt that these films defined our childhood and shaped our personalities today. We’ve all followed the riveting plot line, watched a rebellion unfold, and cried over the deaths of beloved characters. But, most importantly of course, we’ve all thirsted over a Hunger Games man.

The natural Exeter scenery echoes the greens of the woods where Katniss and Gale hunt and, if you really think about it, there are quite a lot of similarities between the Hunger Games and Exeter Uni life. Trying to get TP Wednesday tickets is like trying to get a weapon from the Cornucopia, the tap water in first year accommodation is giving District 12, and you’ll always find a man dressed up like Caesar Flickerman on a society night out.

Whether you grew up reading the trilogy or Tom Blyth is just your man crush of the month, this article will let you know what type of Exeter student you are.


Loving Peeta means you make good choices and have relatively healthy relationships. You’re loved by your friends and never fall out with anyone, which means you’re often the peacemaker of friendship fallouts.  

On the other hand, your loving, tender side often comes out at the wrong time, like in the Fever smoking area at 1am where you think you’ve found the love of your life. You probably tried a one night stand but got too attached, so it’s probably best to stay away from casual flings. 

At uni, you’re often somewhere not too loud but still sociable, like the Queens café. You can’t get through the day without a sweet treat and an overpriced campus coffee, and your bank account definitely agrees. In true Peeta fashion, you’re most likely a member of the baking or art societies and love a quiet night of painting.  

When you do meet a special someone, your go-to date is a walk down by the quay, no matter what season. You’re just a sweetheart deep down. 

Coriolanus Snow

When you do meet a special someone, your go-to date is a walk down by the quay, no matter what season. You’re just a sweetheart deep down. 

Coriolanus Snow

Coriolanus snow once said, that “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear”, but he was wrong: Nothing could be stronger than the squashka you mix at pres to get over your two week situationship. Your friends have to physically restrain you from texting them to come over at 2am. 

We’d never catch you on campus, but instead studying in your room in silence, only occasionally leaving the house to use your Pret subscription and visit the posh hairdressers on Longbrook Street for a bleach and tone. If you’re out clubbing, you’re a Timepiece Top-Top Room kind of person, but also have a secret soft spot for a Cavern Saturday, where you hope to “bump into” your Lucy Gray. 


I’m sorry to say, but if your favourite man is Gale, you’re probably a bit of a bore. You may not be responsible for the death of Prim, but you murder the atmosphere of the pub on a Friday night. You only drink pints and you definitely aren’t a clubber – you think it’s pointless and a waste of money.  

You are the type of person to be in the gym with no headphones like a psychopath, and you only study in the library facing a grey wall. You never miss a lecture or seminar so at least you’re scoring firsts across the board. 

You don’t really date, and that’s partially because you’ve been in love with your first year flat mate since Freshers’ Week. It’s also because you give off a quiet, brooding vibe that is very unapproachable. 

Maybe I’m biased to the blonde beauties of the Hunger Games novels, but if this man is your idea of perfect, you may want to rehash your priorities. Remember ladies, baby bombs, not bombs on babies! 


If your favourite Hunger Games man is Finnick, you’re an extroverted party girl looking for someone to accompany you to a TP Wednesday until close. You’re definitely out as much as you can and love an AU night more than anything. Just remember Finnick’s iconic line: “It takes 10 times longer to put yourself back together than it does to fall apart”, and while you aren’t fighting in any Hunger Games, you could be fighting for your life on Thursday morning at your 8:30am. 

If you’re a Finnick man, you’re most likely a sport society captain and are fairly disciplined. With the exception of Thursday mornings, you’re usually up in the gym before your morning lectures. Then after your classes, you’re on your phone using up all your free likes on Hinge.  

It’s almost guaranteed that we’d find you in the law library discussing your hookup last night at full volume on a massive group table, and on behalf of cramming students everywhere, we’d like to ask you to KEEP IT DOWN.  

When you’re in the arena (on a night out), remember who the real enemy is (the bouncer that won’t let you in ten minutes after your ticket has expired).  


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If your heart belongs to Cato, you are a special breed. You are either a fresher or exhibit fresher behaviour, but in a kind of endearing way. You definitely think Unit 1 is the best night out, but that’s okay – a Unit phase is a canon event. It’s highly likely that you’ll be in McDonald’s after and tucked up in bed by 1am. You’ll definitely join Muay Thai or Boxing, and participate in Fight Night, putting the match first and your degree second.  

On campus, we’d find you in Devonshire House, having lunch in The Ram, or browsing a poster sale. You love the Forum Kitchen but swiftly learnt in term one that you love to live beyond your means, and will probably spend second year buying the £2 meal, sadly with no garlic bread. 


Haymitch is a rogue choice, but the girls who get it, get it. You’re definitely the Vaults hype man, and then still there at the 6am close. On weeknights, you end up at the weird afters a mile from town, with a bottle of vodka from someone’s cupboard. You have never cooked a proper meal but live on pot noodles and Efe’s kebabs after your nights out.  

It’s a wonder you manage to scrape a 2:1 because you are never to be seen on campus, or in your seminars. When do you get all your work done? Having said that, you’re always the listening ear of your friendship group. You get along with everyone and are great at offering advice – maybe you should start taking some of it!