It’s rot girl winter: Here are five TV shows for the perfect hungover rot on the sofa

We’ve all been there

You and your housemates hit Call Lane too hard last night and now all you want is some trashy reality TV and a meal deal. Sometimes all you need is some good old fashioned reality TV to get you through the Sunday scaries. Or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday scaries – let’s face it, in Leeds, the week is your oyster for hangovers.

So that you’re set up for next time, here are five telly series perfect for a day of rotting on the sofa. Thank us later.

1. Big Brother UK / Celebrity Big Brother UK

via ITV

Now I’m not ashamed to admit it – I’m a Big Brother fanatic and you can find me on the sofa bingeing old clips and series on YouTube on the best of days. But doing it with a hangover really seems to hits different. When regular people manage to be so entertaining, it’s the biggest comfort watch and there’s just something about watching functioning humans navigate the BB house as you feel like you’re on your deathbed that feels so correct.

2. Married At First Sight Australia

While MAFS UK has become one of my regular reality TV rotations, it’s the Australian series that holds the top spot in my heart; it just gives me the perfect duvet day vibes. The production is so controlling of the narratives that it’s almost like watching an amateur dramatics play, but all of the actors have been put into hypothetical arranged marriages for the sake of FANTASTIC TV.

3. Drag Race

via BBC

Equal parts competition show and reality, RuPaul’s Drag Race and its international franchises have been my comfort watches since I was about 11. Classic gay culture, breeding hundreds of iconic catchphrases and TV moments. It’s such a good watch when feeling like you and the girls will never recover. Pick a country, and there’s a high chance there’ll be a drag race franchise there – and I eat it up every single time.

4. Below Deck

via Bravo

Something about watching yachties gallivant around trying to appease fussy guests from hell just gives me so much life. Only about 10 per cent of the staff members on these mega boats ever know what they’re doing and it’s just reality TV gold. It’s a perfect hate watch as nearly every guest is insufferable, and the drama between the crew is just chaos. Shoutout to chef Ben, you sexy man.

5. Love Island, specifically season two

I haven’t watched a Love Island season in full for a while, and I wouldn’t call myself an avid enjoyer of the show. But there’s something so enjoyable about the second series of the UK franchise – the 2015 vibes are so camp and the meltdowns give me life when I’m sat on the sofa feeling like the opposite of a sexy Love Island single.

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