All the best shops in Notts to buy your last minute Christmas gifts

Because who ever finishes their Christmas shopping before the 24th?

It’s that time of year where we all dash out to the shops in search of presents that are somehow personal and creative all while fitting within the previously agreed upon budget. When Amazon just isn’t doing it anymore and you’ve left it too late to wait for the delivery time, knowing where to get some thoughtful gifts can be pretty stress inducing. Lucky for you, Nottingham has some amazing shops where you’ll be able to find everything on your friends Wishlist.

Hopefully this list can eased some of your Christmas shopping terror and let you in on some of Nottingham’s best stores to get your secret Santa gifts from. There truly is something for everyone in Nottingham, so hurry and get shopping!


Ahhhh Primark. While prices in Primark have recently risen, they have some undeniably adorable gifts in the home section that are perfect for a low-budget gift. There are tonnes of candles and cute little home décor trinkets that make great little gifts.If decorations aren’t your vibe, they also have an affordable health and beauty section for your self-care or makeup loving friends.

The Works

For book lovers you can’t go to a better place than the works. For affordable but current books at discounted prices you can’t go wrong with a low-budget secret santa gift. Whether fiction or non-fiction is what your friend likes, the works has a great selection of all kinds of books.

More than just books, the works also stocks some fun arts and crafts things like air drying clay or paints and canvases for your more creative friends. For your studious friends there are even some aesthetic planners and notebooks that make thoughtful and useful gifts.

Ice Nine

My personal favourite place to go for gifts is Ice Nine in the Lace Market. It has all kinds of fun and unique things you can get for your friends. Whether its crystals or tarot cards that interest your assigned friend, Ice Nine has a little bit of everything for everyone. With a slightly higher budget than Primark and The Works you are sure to find something interesting in this shop.

Second hand stores

Second hand stores

While the prices range from expensive to incredibly cheap depending on what you buy and where you buy, a little vintage accessory or a cute second-hand jacket can make a useful gift. Showing your friends that you understand their unique style adds that extra personal touch to your  gift, and who doesn’t love a little recycling?

The Christmas Market

One of the best things about December in Notts is the Christmas market, which boast so many  amazing stalls. You may as well make use of some of the wonderful little gifts that the stalls have to offer, and it makes for a fun day out too. With stalls that range from hats, scarves, and gloves to finding out where your own name originated from there is a plethora of interesting gifts  in our own Old Market Square.

While prices range from stall to stall, these gifts are surely not something you can get from any old shop at any old time – adding a unique touch to your secret santa gift.

Victoria Centre

It seems obvious that when looking for a secret santa gift you head to the local shopping centre, but you can never underestimate the power of browsing. Just by walking around and looking through the windows of all the shops you may find your inspiration sparked in a shop you least expected.

My personal favourite shop in Victoria Centre for gifts is Flying Tiger, the Danish variety store chain that sells, well, a variety of things. This is a great place to get gifts for your friends that like to cook too, with their colourful fun kitchen utensils and gadgets can make a great gift for all the future Gordon Ramsays that you know.

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