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Everything Shona and Matt have been doing inside their whirlwind romance since MAFS 2023

Family selfies and couples vlogs? They may as well be married

Maybe it’s because it was a kept a secret for five whole months, but the relationship of MAFS UK Shona and Matt seems to be moving at pace. The couple are inseparable and are anything but boring, getting up to all sorts in the six weeks since announcing their romance.

After Shona’s rocky relationship on the show with ex-husband Brad ended, it’s a huge relief to see her happy and being treated well by Matt. And since being allowed to share their happy news, the pair haven’t been shy when it comes to sharing what they’ve been getting up to whilst in their honeymoon phase.

From to spending Christmas together to becoming gym buddies, here’s everything MAFS UK Shona and Matt have been up to in their whirlwind relationship.

They celebrated Matt’s 30th birthday together

Shona celebrated with Matt on his 30th birthday, where they went out for food and drinks in Leeds. Stopping for cocktails at The Alchemist, Matt and Shona met up with  Paul, Terence and Tasha and it looked they had a blast, eventually ending up dancing in the snow at 3am. Some birthday.

Shona even shared a sickly sweet reel of their adventures together and nicknaming Matt as her “BFG”.

Shona travelled to Harrogate and met Matt’s dad

Matt revealed on MAFS UK 2023 that his dad suffered from a stroke a few years ago, leaving him unwell and in a wheelchair.

The 30-year-old later explained that his dad had been rushed to hospital during filming, explaining why he had appeared to be quieter in some episodes. But since announcing their relationship, Shona travelled north from her home in Nottingham and met her beau’s dad, with the three snapping a cute selfie together. Knowing how much Matt’s dad means to him, it’s touching that he and Shona got to meet up after five months of dating.

They wined and dined in York on Christmas Eve

After making the most of the festivities at Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland, the pair mixed things up on a trip to God’s Own County.

Sharing their first Christmas together just six weeks after announcing their relationship, Matt and Shona took a trip to York to celebrate Christmas Eve with each other. And they didn’t hold back either, going for fancy food, drinks and even wine tasting to mark the occasion. They went all out, clearly making up for lost time having to hide their relationship for all that time since MAFS.

And they couldn’t spend Christmas apart either

Spending Christmas at Shona’s iconic pink home in Nottingham, the couple shared a series of festive pictures in a photoshoot they took in front of the tree. Accompanied by Shona’s four legged friend, Winston, they both donned matching white dressing gowns and twisted into some questionable positions. But hey, if your man can pick you up like a kettlebell, why wouldn’t he?

They announced they’ll be vlogging together soon

Back into the full swing of fitness, Matt and Shona posed in the gym together after a heavy session as Matt announced that his YouTube channel is finally coming back with a bang. But not only that, he also promised followers day in the life vlogs of himself and Shona, so we can follow their day to day activities and get a real insight into their relationship.

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