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If you got any three of these eight things for Christmas, you are a certified Fallowfield Boy

How much did the Arcteryx stock value go up over December?

Christmas may be over but now it’s time to show off everything you got for Christmas to your housemates. Whether it was on your list to Santa (sending your mum an Amazon link) or you were suggesting not-so-subtle Secret Santa hints to your housemates, here’s 8 Christmas presents which mean you’re certified Fallow-coded.

1. Anything Arcteryx

Whether it’s a beanie or jacket, this brand simply has to be part of your fit come Semester 2. At risk of looking like a substitute geography teacher, these will match your Salomon trainers perfectly. It’s built to survive the slopes, but will it survive the 142?

2. Some decks

Every single boy in Fallowfield seems to be a maestro on the decks, promising the best mix of deep house funk techno you’ve ever heard at pres. These boys will be headlining XLR in no time.

3. A Crystal Bar Selection Box

Forget Cadbury’s and Mars, who wants to open up the same old selection box with a Chomp that no one wants. This is sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes, as long as they don’t include Lemon and Lime!

4. A Multi-pack of Pot Noodle

Let’s face it, after a month of home cooking, no ones in the mood to start cooking chicken rice and broccoli every night just yet. These will sort you out for the moment, especially when you’ve not got much time before the first 256 Tuesday back.

5. A 16 pack of Monster

Exam season is looming a lot sooner than we’d like after New Year. Might as well get stocked up early ready for some mammoth revision sessions and exam all-nighters in Blue 2. White Monster for me please.

6. A Chester’s Chicken Gift Card

Some people want to get loaded up with Costa or Pret credit, but not a Fallowfield boy. This will make those end of night fried chicken cravings a lot easier to cave to. It might even last beyond re-freshers week. Bonus points if a Chester’s Hoodie was also under the tree.

7. A date from Hinge

We’re getting a bit less realistic now, but after 68 failed pick-up lines on Hinge in Semester 1, Santa might just be able to share a bit of Christmas magic with you to get your dating life back on track.

8. 256 Tuesday Black Card