Want a last minute holiday before uni? Here are the cheapest flights from Cardiff Airport

In the mood to spend your student loan on flights to beat the January blues?

Are all of your January deadlines and revision sessions causing serious stress? Maybe you’re in need of some winter sun or a quick city trip to procrastinate and recharge, and Cardiff airport is only a 40 minute journey from the city centre.

Take a 30 minute train from central to Rhoose in Barry, and then hop on the 905 bus transfer to the airport. Or if you’re willing to pay parking prices, it’s only an 18 minute drive.

So, here are the cheapest flights we could find you over the next month that won’t make too much of a dent in your bank account – you’ll have some spare for the first YOLO of the term don’t worry.


If you’re looking for the world’s best pint of Guinness this January, why not take the cheapest flight there is to offer: Cardiff to Dublin. For only £30 return on most Sunday, Monday and Wednesday flights with Ryanair to this beautiful capital city, you’re looking at the perfect weekend trip for as little as a couple of rounds in the SU would cost. Visit the Temple Bar whilst you’re at it, or live like Marianne and Connell for a day to get you back into the swing of university antics (which you will be returning to at the end of the trip).

Malaga and Alicante

Perhaps you’re more in the mood for some r&r this new year, and in the form of a quick beach getaway –  we’ve got you covered. For the month of January, travelling to Alicante is pretty low cost in comparison to other destinations, with the cheapest return flights nearing around £73 with Vueling.

Or, take a trip further south down Spain’s coastline on the Costa del Sol to Malaga. To make this as cheap as possible, you’ll have to book the flight out on the 14th of January and return a week later, for a £72 round trip with TUI. If you budget well, you will definitely have some spare cash for paella and sangria on the beachfront – a nice contrast to your usual four for ten VK’s on a Wednesday night.


Fancy heading to Northern Ireland instead? It’s going to cost you almost double, but it’s still much cheaper than other destinations. Pay around £77 this coming month and visit Belfast, travel in style with Aer Lingus, the nation’s mother airline. Why not pay a visit to the Titanic museum while you’re there, and enjoy drinks in the dockyard afterwards.

Special Mention : Bristol Airport

It is pretty obvious that there are only a small handful of ‘cheap’ flights out of Cardiff airport, if you want to broaden your horizons, consider Bristol airport instead. The National Express coach from Cardiff to Bristol airport will only cost a minimum of £17, which sets you up for cheaper travel expenses already.

You could be jetting off to Madrid for as cheap as £27, or Barcelona for £28, with Ryanair. Or maybe you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian food, visit destinations such as Venice, Milan and Turin for under £30. If none of these options are of any interest to you, maybe you could take a trip north up to Edinburgh for as low as a £29 round trip.

Whether you fancy a hot, five day vacation before the semester starts, or you’re considering visiting a new city that has weather even worse than Cardiff, your best bet is to travel to Bristol first. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck.