Seven reasons to join The Cambridge Tab this Lent!

We need YOU on our team

Lent Term – what can we say? It can be pretty bleak. Ironically, this is what makes it the best term to join The Tab. Here at The Cambridge Tab, we take on the responsibility of brightening everyone’s days even when the weather is dull. Our aim is to bring as many smiles as we can to the faces of writers and readers. From regular pub-socials to free scoops of Jack’s Gelato, there are many incentives to get on board.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll write the article to change someone’s Lent for the better.

Already convinced? Apply here! 

1. The best eds-in-chief yet!

This is coming from a completely impartial, neutral, unbiased source. Don’t question it. xx

2.  Low commitment

Whether you write one article or eighteen, we want you. The Tab is the perfect way to dip your toe into journalism, as we have no minimum article limit (although a couple would be nice). This means that when it’s Week Five, there will be no stress about looming article deadlines, and you can write whenever you feel like it.

 3. Jack’s tokens

Article of the Week will receive a coveted Jack’s token. I mean, come on – free ice cream?

Free food tastes even better

4. National Opportunities

Whether your motivation is to bulk out your CV or to brag to your mum that you’re famous, Cambridge Tab articles can be picked up by national newspapers and featured on The Tab National.

5. Professional yapping

Take it from me, you can yap here. I’ve decided which Love Islander is attending which college, hated on LinkedIn, and written about my experiences as a twin. The Tab Cambridge provides the opportunity to write across sections, about whatever range of topics you fancy, whenever you want. If you think you know the best cafes, want to rank college mascots, or defend a hot-take then we want you to write for us.

6. Your voice

At The Tab Cambridge, we write as students for students. We don’t want you to have a thesaurus tab open while writing! I’ve loved being able to write in my own voice and take a break from the formal, academic writing our essays and uni work normally demands.

7. Confidence

It is such a big fat ego boost to have your writing published online for thousands of people to read. With tons of people to help with editing and formatting, you can be confident that when your work is published, we are confident people will love it! We have a massive readership, and it’s weird (but very cool) to know that other people are reading your work.

Obviously, you have all been convinced by this exceptionally persuasive article and cannot click the link to apply any sooner. The wait is over! Apply here if you would like to be a new writer, and apply here if you are an existing writer who wants to continue writing for us.

Featured image credit: The Smurfs – Offical Channel via Youtube

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