12 New Year’s Resolutions Liverpool students should make but definitely won’t stick to

Take a shot if you have failed one already

With a stomach full of leftover roast dinners, Christmas songs still in your head, and a mulled wine taste still lingering in your mouth, it’s time to switch off the Christmas mindset and focus on the promise of a “New Year New Me”. 2024 will be your year!

The new year is full of hopes, dreams, and new ambitions, so you have to write a list and stick to it… at least that’s what you’re aiming to do. The seasonal depression has just kicked in, so what’s better than hearing 12 New Year’s Resolutions you have to aspire for in the New Year.

Start going to the gym

Each time January rolls around, you have said you will sign up to that gym, right around the corner, but you still haven’t. Did you know, January and February are the busiest times to go the gym, according to Energym, and I wonder why? Because so many people try to start the new year with meal planning and workout routines that slowly fizzle out a the new year progresses. Don’t be like me, sign up now.

Stop saying yes to every night out

How many nights out did you go on during your first semester? Too many. This term is too important to miss anymore lectures… right? So from now on you are only saying yes to a few nights out… birthdays, bar crawls, Heebies, celebrations, course nights out, getting over an ex, skint, CoolIt events, and when you’ve got nothing better to do… Only a few!

Don’t cry in the Sydney Jones, again

At the top of your resolutions list sits ‘I will start going the library every day and study’, but how well can you keep that promise without shedding a tear or two. University is too short to waste tears on assignments and deadlines that will be over in a few weeks. Bringing tissues to the library is over-rated, you’ve got this.

Go visit your friends at their universities

This time of year is hard when it comes to home friendships. You’ve just caught up on months worth of gossip and memories, and as they get on the train home you say ‘I’ll come visit you’, and you still haven’t planned a date to go see them. Yes, their University might not be as good as Liverpool, but don’t be a fake friend. Make this year the year you go visit them, and make their year extra special.

Stop spending money on Guild burritos

I know a Guild burrito is all your mind can focus on in your two hour lecture finishing at 12pm, and what lunch-time snack will hit the spot better than a Guild burrito? But think of all the money you’ll have earned by not getting a burrito once a week. Even better, if you didn’t buy a burrito, twice a week from January-June, you will have made £260! That’s quick girl maths for you. You’ll be richer by the time you finish uni, thank me later.

To go to all your lectures

This resolution, along with doing all your readings, and not leaving assignments until the last minute, has been a resolution since the day you’ve started uni, but now you’re getting older, and your time at university is slimming out, so you have to make the mot of it. You won’t miss a single 9am start this year, even after a lengthy bar crawl, ending at the Hatch, tempting you to stay in bed rotting away…. right?

Stop eating pesto pasta

As much as we all love a quick, easy, pesto pasta for ,lunch, it’s time to refine your cook books, and get creative. Challenge yourself and your housemates to a Come Dine With Me cook-off, where you can critique each others cooking abilities – but please don’t just buy seven pot noodles and call it a night.

Get a regular sleeping pattern

This New Year’s resolution goes hand in hand with having less nights out. The more you have a regular schedule, the better your sleeping habits will become. Sleep can regulate your brain, help with your crippling anxiety, and therefore make you smarter – or so they say. So when the pressure to sleep in gets too much, think about that one housemate who gets up at 5am every day without fail. If they can do it, so can you.

Go on runs

If the gym is looking a little bit too pricy, did you know a 5K Sefton Park run is completely free? So there’s no excuses when it comes to getting your 10k Fitbit steps in, and becoming healthier this new year. What is a more perfect way to start off you Saturday mornings, cure you’re insufferable hangover, than with a social run.

Stop texting your ex

Yes, you are not the only person who needs to hear this but, STOP TEXTING YOUR EX. They are an ex for a reason. And no, alcohol is not an excuse or a reason for you to whip out your phone and text them “Happy New Year!”. Enough said.

Get a job / Quit your job

Two contradictory resolutions for two different types of students. The first is the student with a crippling shopping edition and no income other than their student loan. Instead of writing a CV and uploading it to local jobs, they instead complain about their lack of money. The second, is the student who has no time for studying because their work won’t give them a day off, and their manager made them cry on shift, twice, over the Christmas period. Let’s meet in the middle, get applying for a new job that gives you the perfect work-uni balance.

Meet the love of your life

Did you eat your 12 grapes of luck under the table at new years? If not you are probably in a healthy, loving relationship, or not desperate. But to my grape eaters – this is your yer of love, I can feel it. Just stay away from people on Tuesday night out, skint lovers are not the love of your life, and neither is your ex.

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