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Talk to Tabitha: The Tab Notts’ Agony Aunt returns

For everything you need to survive uni

Hello Nottingham students, did you miss me? Well I sure missed you.

It’s been a while but I am back and better than ever. I’m here to ease your winter woes, rid you of your routine ruts and banish the January blues. Do you have a housemate from hell or a situationship causing you stress?

Write to me, your resident uni-life guru, via the anonymous form linked below and I’ll make sure to give all the advice you need to survive the second semester.

It’s a totally judgement-free zone. I can’t advise on any legal issues or give mental health advice, but I can provide a much-needed dose of big sisterly wisdom before classes start back up in a few weeks.

As always, do as I say and not as I do.


Tabitha xoxo


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