This is what Liverpool Uni accommodations would be as Taylor Swift songs, based on vibes

Are you ready for it?

Lectures may have already started for the academic term, but there’s only one piece of information that can truly define your UoL experience: The Taylor Swift song that represents you based only on your university accommodation building.

Luckily, we have already done the hard work for you by matching each accommodation with its very own Taylor Swift anthem. So sit back and baby, let the games begin!

Crown Place – The Lucky One

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As one of the newer accommodation buildings, Crown Place is arguably the best halls to live at UoL. Most likely at the top of your desired accommodation list, Crown Place is probably the most prestigious accommodation that Liverpool Uni has to offer.

The convenience of the location also adds to its desirability. You most likely attend all of your 9ams, simply rolling out of bed at 8.55am and conveniently heading to your morning lecture at the Rendall Building – picking up a cheeky Starbucks coffee from the SJL along the way.

Enjoy this privilege whilst it lasts, you’ll soon miss the way people look at you in awe when you tell them you live at Crown Place. It’s also super clean due to the accommodation’s complimentary cleaning service – allowing residents to make their pesto pasta dinner in peace and without having to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Vine Court – Mr Perfectly Fine

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Honestly, Vine Court offers a similar but slightly less modern vibe to Crown Place. For up to £207 residents can indulge in a laundrette, a student common room on site, out door spaces for socialising and access to the sports centre.

For catered students, Vine Court also offers an on-site restaurant, which is exceptionally convenient for those hungover, post night out munchies, allowing you to quickly grab a sausage sandwich before heading out the door and straight onto campus.

Also, if you are able to survive the catered/non-catered student divide, which proves impenetrable merely two weeks into the semester, then these halls are a respectable option for residents, Mr. Perfectly Fine.

Living at home – Girl At Home

Enough said, honestly!

Dover Court – Nothing New

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Dover Court is not open to first year incoming students, so if you live here then you’re probably more than familiar with UoL’s complicated accommodation lore and are able to cart yourself to and from campus with ease.

You’re also likely a seasoned postgrad, which means you’ve earned the luxury of an en-suite and the also celebrate fact that you will never have to encounter the hours of the 669 bus again.

Melville Grove – I Forgot That You Existed

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Sorry guys, but you’re probably tired of describing the location to people who have absolutely no idea what it is you’re talking about, simply relying on “uhh.. the building right near Vine Court!” as an acceptable appendage.

On the bright side, the pres at Melville Grove are unparalleled, the huge kitchens and living space can easily fit large groups, making it one of the most underrated accommodations to be just before the night out. Good luck trying to convince your Greenback mates to fish out £2.20 to make the journey there though.

Greenbank – Labrynth

Well, not strictly – but the copious journey to and from campus every day certainly can feel like one. You may have better dinners and balconies, alongside an on site gym – it’s just a shame that you can never make it to your 9am lecture on time.

Aside from the literal half hour obstacle course and commute to campus on the 669, you do get to spend your sunny summer afternoons lounging in the two on-site parks. There’s also something majestic about spending all day in the sun playing frisbee and sunbathing away the post exam anxiety – so give it nine months and you’ll be the ones with the last laugh truly.

Philharmonic Court – Bejewelled

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This is a glamorous choice for those who can afford to live there. Although the flat sizes are traditionally smaller than some of the other halls, there’s a lot to be said about the location.

You’re also given the pick of some of the city’s finest coffee shops, which are located a stone’s throw away. Better still, the Co-op close by is the perfect space to spend 10 quid on a bottle of Moscato whilst you bond with your flatmates over not having to share a bathroom, cram into a singe bed or commute onto campus like the rest of the poorly thought out accommodations.

Tudor Close – Safe and Sound

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This accommodation is pretty small, only home to around 100 students or so – with makes it fairly closeknit and cosy. The library, sports centre and The Guild are conveniently close to you too, which is a luxury in itself for getting to lectures on time.

This accommodation may not be renowned for parties and wild pre drinks, but it has a certain homey feel – definitely suitable for those who came to study at the University of Liverpool, not just uni.

We think Taylor would approve, and we’ve got fingers crossed that she’ll appear at a Vine Court pres before her shows in Liverpool in June 2024.

Featured Image via @taylorswift on Instagram.

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