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Here’s who actually has the most followers from the Love Island: All Stars cast

I can hear the brand deal offers coming in already

Love Island is back for another Winter season, but this time around they’re turning heads by doing the first-ever All-Stars series. Some contestants haven’t met, but some Islanders have already been each other’s type on paper.

Will they find love in a hopeless place? Who knows. But if there’s one thing for sure, they’re all hoping to have their follower counts booming by the end of their second (or in some cases, third or fourth) shot at the villa.

So, from Luis to Chris, let’s see who currently has the most followers out of the Love Island: All Stars cast so far and who’s dwindling behind at the bottom of the influencer league:

12. Mitchel Taylor – 317k

Mitch, famously known as Messy Mitch, is so fresh out of Love Island I wonder if he’s been paying rent in the villa. Despite being most recently in the spotlight in season 10, Mitch has the lowest following of the group with a moderate 317k followers.

11. Luis Morrison – 324k

Luis is another Love Island OG, finishing 4th in the first season back in 2015. He had a baby with his partner Cally Jane who was also from season 1 of the series, but they’ve since split. He retired from football last year, which has all led to 324k followers making him the second least followed all-star.

10. Jake Cornish – 437k

Jake was another season 7 veteran, and became a certified meme after the show for consistently referring to castmate, Liberty Poole, as his gorlfriend. The question is, will he be more famous for that or for leaving within one episode of the all-stars? Jake stands at 10th in the rankings, with 437k followers.

9. Hannah Elizabeth – 450k

Hannah graced our screens for the OG series of Love Island, and was definitely best known for her engagement to Jon Clark on the show. She’s back now, hopefully with more scouse clap-backs, and has gained 450k followers since then.

8. Kaz Kamwi – 698k

Kaz was also a part of season 7 where she came in third at the final. She’s remained fairly lowkey since then but has returned to find love. She’s amassed a comfortable 698k followers.

7. Toby Aromolaran – 860k

Toby was runner up of season 7 and became a fan fave during his relationship with Chloe Burrows. He’s the 7th most followed islander with 860k followers.

6. Chris Taylor – 933k

Chris was a part of season 5 of LI for just 15 days, but has had more notable moments outside the villa such as dating Maura Higgins and securing a cameo in the Barbie movie – who can decide which is more iconic? Chis has 933k followers on Instagram, but his viral videos on TikTok have gained him 999k followers on the platform.

5. Anton Danyluk – 1 million

Anton was part of what some (me) would call the best season of Love Island, season 5. He had his fair share of viral twitter moment during the series, especially when he shed a tear, or ten, when seeing Craig David perform. This makes Anton the most followed male all-star, with 1 million followers.

4. Demi Jones – 1.1 million

Demi graced season 6 of Love Island, and since leaving has shared her brave cancer journey, after getting the all-clear from thyroid cancer in 2021. Getting into the big numbers, Demi has a cool 1.1 million followers.

3. Georgia Harrison – 1.2 million

Georgia stirred things up on season 3 when she famously stole Kem from Amber and had previously been on The Only Way is Essex. Since all that, she’s become an inspiring women’s rights campaigner. Georgia now boasts 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

2. Liberty Poole – 1.4 million

Liberty swooned the nation in season 7 when we finally watched her become Liberty rather than Jake’s gorlfriend. This has made her the second most followed all-star, flexing 1.4 million fans.

1.Georgia Steel – 1.5 million

Georgia was just 19 when she appeared in season 4 of the series, and made it very clear she was loyalll babe. Fans have been praising her glow-up as the drama heats up between her and Toby, who she was coupled up with on the Love Island Games spin-off. That makes Ms Steel the most followed all-star islander, with a whopping 1.5 million.

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