As a Cambridge student, here’s everything I wish someone had told me about offer day

Stress levels = through the roof

I remember swearing on my life that I was not going to get an offer to Cambridge, and then the email arrived and I saw the word “congratulations”. I cried. I hadn’t realised how much I wanted the offer until it came through, and how much pressure I had been putting on myself. This is why I’m taking a look back and thinking about what I wish I had known when I received my Cambridge offer, and the advice I wish had known if I didn’t get the offer.

1. You were not lucky

Cambridge is full of super clever students. It is also full of super clever lecturers, professors, academics etc. You did not manage to “trick” any Cambridge interviewer. You were not lucky. You did this. Own it! You put in work, you performed in the interview and they chose you because they want you!

2. An offer doesn’t define your intelligence

Whether decision day went your way or not is not a statement on your intelligence. Cambridge is a very specific academic environment and it isn’t meant to suit everyone. Please do not tie your perception of your own intelligence to whether you did or didn’t receive an offer. Intelligence cannot be measured, let alone measured in a 20-minute interview.

3. There are other options

One of the amazing things about the UK is our concentration of amazing universities which can cater to a vast range of degrees. There are so many incredible options. Cambridge is an amazing university, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the only amazing university on offer. You will find a uni which you love, whether that’s Cambridge or not!

Also, there is the possibility of applying for reconsideration in August. So if you did not receive an offer and have your heart set on Cambridge, you can always try again next year, or see if you meet the reconsideration criteria.

4. Take care of yourself

Don’t burn out, take care of yourself, and don’t put too much pressure on this. If you receive an offer, there can feel like there’s an added pressure to absolutely smash your A-levels. But, this can’t happen if you immediately start trying to revise eight hours a day. Stay calm. You got this. Approach these exams super chilled and try to forget about the offer. Remember it’s still January!!

5. Read The Tab Cambridge

Look, if you have received an offer and want to get a sense of whether you want to accept the Cambridge offer, then The Tab genuinely provides such a great sense of stuff that goes on here! And if you meet your offer in August, definitely read The Tab Cambridge xxx

You are brainy and amazing, and no UCAS update can take that away from you!

Feature Image Credits: Georgia Burr

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