road safety brain teaser

Apparently only ‘good drivers’ can spot these four road hazards in under 15 seconds

I’m sorry, but not even Lewis Hamilton could crack this

I like a good puzzle as much as the next person, but this infuriating fame of road hazard eye spy is a little too close to home. Apparently, this new road safety brain teaser will determine whether you’re a good driver or not, based on how quickly you can spot the four road hazards in the illustration.

This new road safety brain teaser from from AA is designed to test your knowledge of road safety and the most common breakdown scenarios – and your patience, apparently. Putting your awareness skills to the test, this teaser highlights some of the most common breakdown scenarios. Forget breakdown cover, I’ll be needing therapy after this.

Before you get confident and cocky, there are not only four hazards you need to spot in the picture – but you actually have to find them in under 15 seconds to be considered as a “good” driver. Rude.

So, what is the tricky road hazard brain teaser only ‘good drivers’ can crack in 15 seconds?

road safety brain teaser

The four road hazards you’re looking for are a vehicle with a flat tire, a vehicle that is overheating, a vehicle with a fuel leak, and for a bonus challenge – a pair of lost keys. Finding all four hazards is hard enough, but the 15 second time limit has screwed me over. Need a bit of a clue?

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now unless you want the answers revealed!

road safety brain teaser

I’m sorry but, the keys? They’re almost invisible and I’m a pretty mediocre driver, if I do say so myself. The overheating vehicle is pretty tricky too – anyone who can crack this in 15 seconds or less deserves credit.

If you got found the four road hazards straight away and this one was a bit too easy for you, have a look if you can spot the hidden animal in this optical illusion, or the odd orange in this optical illusion.

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