Calling all new writers: Come to The Bournemouth Tab’s Refreshers’ open meeting!

Meet us for a cheeky drink on the 7th February, 6pm at Dylan’s x

Want to write about what British band you’d be in based on your degree or what your favourite Bournemouth club says about you? Have a good idea on what you think students at Bournemouth want to hear? Or maybe you’re really passionate about news and want to break the biggest stories on campus like the drunk man who attacked the rugby team or the fake bomb threat.

Whatever the article, we want to hear your idea and train you to be the best writer you can be.

Now’s your chance to get involved – The Bournemouth Tab is having an open meeting for all prospective and current writers. Come along to learn more about what we do and meet our awesome team of students while also having a cheeky drink (optional ofc).


Wednesday the 7th February, 6pm in Dylan’s Bar, Talbot Campus.

The only requirement is that you’re a student currently at a Bournemouth uni- you don’t need any prior writing experience.

How does the most read student site in the UK actually work?

You write an article on almost anything you think you and your mates would read. The editors help guide you through writing it: suggesting ideas, help with techniques, offer training and get your article published to thousands of readers.

Our HQ team mentors thousands of writers from unis all across the UK. They open applications for the Summer work experience, where you get a chance to work remotely through the London offices and learn what goes on behind the scenes at a national newspaper. It’s the easiest, fastest way to get your voice heard, while also having a primo spot on your CV.

Our main ethos is no official commitment, totally based on your interest. We editors are also uni students, so we understand the struggle of deadlines and keeping on top of work and are totally understanding of any other commitments you might have.

We also have a new scheme within our team of writers. If you write consistently and well enough for some time, we can promote you to a Senior Writer to get first pick of all commissions and a cheeky extra boost on your CV to reward your time.

If any of this sounds interesting, definitely come to the open meet on Wednesday the 7th February, 6pm in Dylan’s Bar, Talbot Campus. DM us for any more info, and check out our Instagram for the types of articles we write and the work we do.

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