Fridays with Edie: Battling the January blues

The weather may get better, but the walk up to campus certainly won’t x

“I’m struggling to readjust after the holidays and am feeling those January blues big time. What should I do to pull myself out of this rut?”

Talk about relatable – I feel you. This time of year is objectively RUBBISH. The sun sets in the afternoon, and I’m usually not leaving the library before it gets dark. Plus, the joy of Christmas is over and the term looks as though it is infinitely long.

It’s very challenging to get used to uni life after being away for so long. The comforts of home cooked food and a warm house are soon replaced with ready meals and damp walls that your landlord refuses to take responsibility for. It’s cold, it’s rainy and yet you still seem to get unbelievably clammy walking up Forum Hill.

Getting out of a rut is all about doing what you enjoy and managing to find a healthy balance. If your timetable is becoming smaller and smaller, you should create a schedule that you know you will stick to. Whilst finding a schedule is important, it’s also integral that you make it achievable. Don’t make yourself get up at 5am every day of the week just so you can get the best spot in the library before the “slackers” show up: You’re just going to burn yourself out. Find what works best for you and stick to it. At uni it’s easy to let work spill too far into time that you should have to take time for yourself. Yes, when deadline season hits, it may be necessary to work overtime in the library, but not just yet.

But life is not just about work. Get some friends together and go for a walk: The Quay, Dartmoor, and Exmouth. Treat yourself: Buy that skinny scarf you’ve been so desperate for. You deserve it. (Unless this is one of many recent treats, if so, maybe give it a rest for a while).

Getting out of a rut isn’t just about experiences, however. It’s also about making sure you feel okay inside. Put yourself first and prioritise your mental health before dealing with petty housemate drama. If you feel you are losing your sanity, get out of the house and just let it wash over you as they all stay and scream at each other over who propped the milk up the wrong way in the fridge so it leaked everywhere (from personal experience, it wasn’t me).

In terms of the weather, the sun will soon start setting later and the days will get warmer and brighter. You will get even clammier walking up Forum Hill. Sorry.

During these dark months you just have to remember that this will not last forever. Things will certainly change, and soon you’ll see time running away with you wishing it had only gone just a bit slower. Every cloud has a silver lining. Even the dreary months will have good times in them, if that means dragging yourself to TP and sitting in the cold waiting for that alcohol blanket to kick in before you can truly start to enjoy yourself.

The sun will shine again!

I hope this helped – lots of love, Edie x

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