Here are six things you’ll only know if you’ve lived in Bailey Point

From freebies to gym lads, here’s what they don’t tell you when you book your first year halls

Bailey Point was the most expensive student accommodation in Bournemouth, that was until the new Christchurch building came along. (I have to admit, the bathrooms at Christchurch are elite. I have never seen such large mirrors before!) But that’s not to say that Bailey doesn’t come with its quirks. Here are six things you’d only know if you lived there:

1. The fire alarms

I am never able to have a shower without the constant fear of hearing a fire alarm. Bournemouth’s accommodation in general is fire drill galore. Burnt your toast? Fire alarm! Vaped a bit too much? Fire alarm! I will never forget the group bonding that was experienced during the first week of Freshers as the entirety of Bailey’s residents flocked outside due to a drill.

2. The fridges 

“Cleo, the condensation!”. Every time I open the fridge I feel as though I am living in a literal winter wonderland. I don’t know what temperature the fridges are set to, but they are FREEZING! The inside of the fridges are literally so cold. Even better is the fact that a loud alarm plays if the fridges are open for any longer than one minute. Please just let me fill it with my Asda food shop in peace!

3. The music

Bailey’s reception definitely gives the “basement” room at Cameo a run for its money. Whatever your taste in music – Central Cee or The Beatles – you will be greeted by it as you enter the building after a long day of lectures. The irony of listening to 70’s disco hits after having had your third breakdown of the day…

4. The lights 

It is lovely how modern Bailey is. It is for sure a privilege to live there. However, the motion-censored kitchen lights are not particularly ideal. There have been countless times when flatmates and I have been relaxing in the kitchen, only for it to be submerged into complete darkness. It’s even worse when this happens whilst you’re on your own – the kitchen lights act as a stark reminder of your loneliness…

5. The gym 


Something that makes the gym unique to all others is the fact that it comes complete with a street view. One of my favourite things to do is go on the treadmill and people watch. Seeing a particularly PDA couple in the accommodation opposite was, um, interesting … It’s not so fun though whilst people start looking in and probably question why your running looks identical to that of a floppy penguin’s. Also, FYI – do not go to the gym any time after 8pm, unless you want to be surrounded by grunting gym lads. They have likely also brought a speaker with them that is bursting Tion Wayne.

6. Freebies

One of the perks of living at Bailey is the fact that they give out constant freebies – #gettingyourmoneysworth. For example, at Halloween, they had a spin the wheel, where you could win different prizes. There are also regular evening events such as pizza and culture nights. I have noticed, however, a slight obsession with gifting Mentos and Carex sanitiser…