disposable vape ban memes

Hit your Lost Mary whilst you can and weep over these 23 disposable vape ban memes

Harambe and Captain Tom will greet them with open arms

Although we knew it was coming, the recent announcement of the disposable vape ban has shook the nation. And while this is in fact good news, the majority of the population are not best pleased. People are low-key mad. So mad in fact, that we’re now living through an era where vapes are being sent to heaven to rest in peace alongside Captain Tom and XL Bully dogs. Let’s reflect on the good times together and enjoy these 19 disposable vape ban memes.

1. Wiv da angles now

2. This feels wrong

3. Fly high

4. This one’s a tear jerker

5. Harambe would have loved a Blue Razz Lemonade

6. Say goodbye today

7. Swoon

8. Who’d have thought they’d both go down in the same year

9. It’s all so political

10. There’s gonna be a lot of pissed off Gen X kids running about

11. My mind’s telling me no, but my body’s telling my yes

12. A moment of silence for the Lost Mary too

13. I get it


14. I fear there could be a Partygate situation all over again

15. Only 2010 babies will get it

16. No more!


17. I’ll need an extra hit for that

18. We will never know how brilliant you could’ve been

19. Or THIS

20. The panic of a lost vape is unmatched

21. The ick

22. It is a literal child

23. Why is Jeremy Clarkson on there?

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