Meet Nurture-U, the project improving mental health support at Exeter and unis nationwide

Help yourself and students all over the country by taking part in mental health trials

Nurture-U is mental health support for students, with students, by students. It is important to prioritise mental health at university and to be able to face all the challenges student life brings!  Many students struggle with their mental health at university, and Nurture-U looks to find better alternatives while providing free mental health support.

A national research project involving six universities across the country, the project looks to understand and promote student wellbeing on campus, Nurture-U offers several different trials students can partake in. Testing out new apps, workbooks, and free CBT, Nurture-U looks to help improve the experiences of thousands of students struggling with their mental wellbeing. By taking a short screening questionnaire, Nurture-U can find out which therapy is most fitting to your needs and help direct you to the trial that is best for you!

Research trials offered by Nurture-U are up to a year long and tackle issues such as reducing worry, identifying personal strengths, and tackling low moods.

‘Reducing worry and building confidence’

This trial uses a self-guided app to tackle self-critical feelings and negative thoughts. Students taking part will complete questionnaires regarding their mental health after three and 12 months while using an app to provide them with mental health support. If you’re struggling with self-critical thought but feel stretched for time, this is the trial for you!

‘Bounce Back’

Developed in collaboration with students, the “Bounce Back” trial asks participants to focus on their strengths in order to build resilience skills. Using a workbook in combination with support from a coach, this trial is exclusive to the University of Exeter only – make the most of it!

Online CBT 

While CBT is already a form of mental health support offered by universities across the country, Nurture-U is comparing different types of online CBT to help students. After taking a short questionnaire, Nurture-U will allocate you a self-led course or with a professional. This is an opportunity for free CBT treatment which can be helpful to students with anxiety or depression. 

Emily*, a student at the University of Exeter spoke to us about their experience using Nurture-U’s online CBT trial. She said: “I answered questions about my mental health and my wellbeing. Using cognitive behavioural therapy style questioning, students and young people actually think about their behaviour and mental state in a way many individuals won’t have had to before”. 

If you feel like you want to get involved in important mental health research and help make our campus more compassionate, click here.

*Names have been changed for anonymity.

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