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PSA, your water bottle has 40,000x more bacteria than a toilet so here’s how to clean it

You’re a certified minger if you don’t wash your Stanley cup like this

After the rise and fall of the notorious Stanley cup, with the craze now slowly dying off after they were cancelled for being criminally ugly and for apparently giving people wrinkles, a lot of us are still confused as to why they were even popular in the first place. But aside from the fact that everyone’s clearly lost their minds, those of you who are trendy enough to own your own Stanley are about to be seriously grossed out.

Whilst the hunt for these cups is all over social media, what everyone is mysteriously dodging talking about is how dirty these cups actually are. If you own a cup, you’ll know. And with a recent study by revealing that the average reusable water bottle contains 40,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, it’s even more shocking to hear that nearly one in five of you mingers only clean your emotional support bottle a few times a month. Apparently, there’s a proper way to clean your Stanley Quencher to ensure that dirt and bacteria is properly cleaned out of it – and no, it’s not shoving it in the dishwasher on a quick rinse. Read on for some Stanley cup cleaning hacks.

You’re a certified minger if you don’t follow this Stanley Cup cleaning routine



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It may seem like common sense, but there are actually specific ways to best clean your Stanley according to water experts, Fountain Filters. That includes dissembling the bottle properly and not just leaving it to soak in a sink of hot soapy water – straw and sliding lid included. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to scrub the life out of it either. Another tip we supposedly should know is that handwashing is better than dishwashing in order to preserve that limited edition paint job. Treat your Stanley like you would a lady – tenderly.

You’re also supposed to rinse it regularly and avoid leaving drinks in the cup for long periods of time and use a straw cleaner to get down that barrel. But the weirdest tip for cleaning your Stanley that you honestly won’t believe actually includes uncooked rice and distilled white vinegar. Am I cleaning a water bottle or conducting a science experiment? Apparently shaking the mixture of rice and vinegar in the cup and allowing it to sit will help loosen any particles from residue left in the cup and will leave it odour-free. I think we’re letting this water bottle obsession get a little bit out of hand here guys.

It sounds like too much work for me. I might just make my life easier by adopting the Madeline Argy approach and sip on an anti-colic baby bottle.

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