Trotting around Lancaster: An interview with Lancspercy

From Williamson Pork to the Trough of Bowland

Lancaster is full of weird and wonderful societies, clubs and Insta accounts. Adding to the list we have the extremely underrated Instagram account – @lancspercy – which if you couldn’t tell by the name, is a little Percy Pig that manages to get all over Lancaster. We’d be surprised if you haven’t seen the bright pink pig, as Percy has been to every single coffee shop, both on campus and in town.

Percy has been shared by the official M&S Percy page, where he managed to gain two followers (in his defence, it is a micro Insta page). However, Percy hasn’t been able to escape controversy, with an impigsonation (impersonation) attempt, that tried to steal Percy’s identity.

We have sat down with the creator of the account, and owner of Percy, to ask all the questions you want to hear, and hopefully boost Percy’s Insta following.

Starting up the account

The owner of Percy told us: “I bought Percy from an M&S in October 2022, when I ended up stuck in Carlisle, whilst trying to get to Windermere.” But, it wasn’t until Percy was a couple of weeks old before he was introduced to Instagram, with the first post being on the 12th November 2022.

Lancspercy was inspired by the other Lancs Insta pages, which were very popular a couple of years ago. When asked about the creation of Lancspercy, the owner said: “I read a Tab article about the rise of Lancs Insta pages and wanted to create a cooler one. I’d always been a fan of Percy Pig, so I thought using my mini Percy would be perfect to create one of these accounts with.”

The account also helped the owner become more familiar with Lancaster: “I wanted to see more of Lancaster and I thought that taking pictures of Percy around Lancaster gave me more of a reason to go and explore the coffee shops in particular.”

Percy’s favourite place in Lancs

Percy is a coffee shop lover at heart. “Percy’s favourite place on campus is Pendle Brew, where his regular is a capigccino”. And surprise, surprise, Percy’s favourite place in town is another cafe – The Music Room. The Music Room is one of the Atkinson’s coffee shops, which not many people seem to know about, but if you go, you just might bump into Percy. “Percy’s favourite place in Lancaster, excluding coffee shops, would be Williamson Pork”.

Percy has been to all the Lancs events

Percy is a huge Swifite, so of course he’s been to Swiftogeden. Percy’s favourite Taylor song is The Lakes, which is very fitting, with Lancaster being so close to the Lake District (fun fact – Taylor has actually been to Windermere). Percy has also been to Craft Soc, Extravs, Light up Lancaster, and Highest Point. So he is clearly thriving with the social side of uni.

Percy the jet setter

Percy, a little pig from Lancaster, has travelled across the world. This summer, Percy flew all the way to Malaysia on a Lancaster University Global Experiences trip, where he visited Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. His favourite dishes in Malaysia were Roti (very basic) and the national dish Nasi Lemak, which was very spicy for a little pig.

The future of Lancspercy

Finally, we asked about Percy’s plans for the future. Percy will be leaving Lancs in summer, as his owner graduates. However, Percy is “hoping to visit Edinburgh again this summer, and after that he will be going out into the real world as a corporate pig”. So, keep an eye out for Percy’s future adventures.

Featured image via @lancspercy on Instagram.

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