Wanting to try something new in 2024? Come and join the team at the The Birmingham Tab

Come to our open meeting at The Soak, Selly Oak on Tuesday 6th February 7:30pm to learn more!

Fancy trying something new this year? Well you’re in luck, because The Birmingham Tab is recruiting new writers and we want you.

The Tab is a student led news site changing the game of journalism, focused on highlighting stories that otherwise go unreported. With 30 student teams spanning uni campuses across the UK, The Tab is the biggest platform for young journalists.

We cover anything and everything, from hard hitting breaking news to campus gossip, quizzes and guides. Being involved with The Tab is more than just simply writing articles. Writing for us gives you an insight into how modern media works whilst meeting new people. Fear not though, you don’t have to have any experience or a desire to pursue a career in the news. Our team of writers receive journalistic training from industry experts, providing you with the foundations to get your writing mode ON.

We’re holding our first open meeting of the new year at The Soak, Selly Oak on Tuesday 6th February 7:30pm, so head on down to find out what we’re about.

1. You can write almost anything

You can write nearly anything as long as it’s something Birmingham students would genuinely want to read, such as creating a quiz to determine which Selly Oak chicken shop you are, or speaking to students about the UCU strikes.

2. You will be at the cutting edge of on-campus news and get to break the stories students care about

We excel at breaking news items that are significant to students. You’ll always have your ear to the ground looking for the next story. Being dedicated allows us to often get the best exclusives before anyone else, just like the coverage of Just Stop Oil protests on campus. 

3. It’s an unbeatable way to build up a portfolio

Having a stellar portfolio is essential if you’re looking for any writing or editing positions, not just in journalism. The Tab allows you to write on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles; you can really demonstrate your skills here, and it’s all available online already.

4. You’ll be joining a national team and be supported in your writing by qualified journalists

Despite the fact that we are The Birmingham Tab, we have a very close relationship with The Tab’s national team. The national team is led by recently graduated professional journalists who are always available to offer guidance and assistance on any projects you are working on.

5. It’s an opportunity to socialise and meet fun and interesting people

You’ll get to know and engage with some of the coolest and most intriguing people on campus in addition to working and socialising with a fantastic team of writers.