The Durham pubs streaming the Six Nations tournament: An ultimate guide

Apologies in advance for the puns x

The Guinness Six Nations tournament is hitting our TV screens at 8pm sharp this Friday with what promises to be an intense match between France and Ireland.

If you’ve lived in Durham for more than a week, you’ll know that Rugby is a pretty big deal here. And so, whether you know the name, birthday, and address of each player, or you’re just chasing the good vibes, here are the best places to kick things into touch and enjoy the games.

1. The Library

No, I’m not telling you to go to the Billy B this Friday night. The Library bar on Saddler Street is a classic when it comes to sports viewing, and its sure to be lively this weekend. What’s more, they’ve got drinks deals so good they could be illegal.

2. The Half Moon Inn

Alternatively, you could hop over Elvet Bridge and go to The Half Moon Inn for the game. A personal favourite, The Half Moon Inn boasts a sexy beer garden overlooking the river, and with a screen on every wall, you’ll suffer no obstructions to your view.

3. The Woodman Inn

If you’re a Gilesgate or Claypath dweller, it might be to your advantage to pay the Woodman a visit. The Woodman has that cosy hometown feel and is therefore a cracking place to watch England get thrashed. It’s also dog friendly, so feel free to bring your flatmates.

4. The Three Bridges

A North Road staple, The Three Bridges never fails when it comes to atmosphere. It might just be the only destination on this list where foul play will transcend the TV screen. So, if you’re after some rowdy commentary, questionable singing, or you just want to be close to the bus station when your team inevitably loses, The Three Bridges has got you covered.

5. The Dun Cow

I know this pub is allegedly the most haunted in Durham, but the only scary thing you’ll see in there this weekend is Joe Marler’s haircut. Other than that, it’s a pretty tranquil place to enjoy a pretty palatable pint.

6. The Market Tavern

The Market Tavern is a bit of an offside addition to this list, as it is a Dad pub through and through. However, it does offer a student discount, and their mix and share pub plates are top of the league.

7. The Bridge Hotel

Although I’m still sore from being red carded at a pub quiz here once, I have to admit that The Bridge is a lovely pub with an enthusiastic passion for ITV sports. What’s better, it has rooms for hire upstairs, so you can celebrate your team’s victory all night long.

8. College Bars

Finally, it’s worth checking if your very own sin bin will be showing the matches. Not only will you not have far to stumble back home after the game, but this option is loan-friendly, with a college drink costing even less than the Paddy’s garlic bread you’ll scoop after the match.

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