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What it’s actually like living with Newcastle Medics from a Non-medic

I have never felt more stupid in my entire life…

As an anomaly humanities student, living with medics is a surreal experience. Since I began integrating with medics I’ve discovered two different types – ones that are passionate about being a doctor, and others who rinse off of the fact they do medicine. However, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience which has taught me a lot…

1. Listening to their strange acronyms

Wtf is an osky is that how you even spell it? Cba x

The same applies to eccy – I also know this is spelt very very wrong, my sincere apologies. I can hear the medics laughing…

2. No matter how much work you do – they’re always doing more

You know the phrase less is more? That is non-existent for medics, I feel like some of my housemates will combust with how much information they attempt to retain. Are you dreaming about IBS in your sleep babes? xx

3. They make sure you know that your degree is inferior to theirs

If I find something hard within my degree, I can’t even voice my opinion without being intensely shut down. I’m not out here saving lives but you made your bed…

4. Asking if they can do role play check-ups on you

Key word here, role play = NOT REAL.

However, I will admit, attempting to take your housemates seriously whilst they pretend you need a health check-up is insanity. The acting is worse than GCSE Drama.

5. The sheer amount of meal prep

Since they spend more time in uni than out (cannot relate) food is a must. There’s an endless amount of Tupperware stored in this house filled with nutritious meals to fuel their observant brains.

6. Free medical advice

This has proven very helpful, yet patronising. My time spent in A&E on Halloween had proven to be a waste of time as my housemates had guessed successfully what was wrong with me. However, the personal questions are sometimes too much, what happened to Hello? How are you? My name is?

7. They suffer during exam season

They look so tense sometimes I just want to force a pint down them. They’ll be in the Walton Library till late whilst I’m getting ready to go out, two different lives and priorities clearly.