Chunky sweaters and skinny scarves: Winter colour trends at Edinburgh Uni

Colourful trends to brighten those dark winter months

The storms are over and the sun is out, and so are Edi students. Back at the library trying to cram those readings in? Running late for a tutorial?

Wherever you’re going, here are some colours that are already trending that could easily spice up your fit:

Navy blue

Whether it’s a cosy turtleneck jumper or a trendy wool trench, navy blue is really making a mark this winter season.

Bringing a cosy feel with its rich, vibrant hues, and effortlessly pairing with a classic pair of jeans or a patterned mini skirt, navy blue is a colour that should be on your radar.


Speaking of blue, the classic denim is definitely a winter staple. Grabbing your favourite pair of jeans is a sure way to make sure you get to your lecture on time without worrying about looking sluggish – denim always brings a sense of being put together.


Switch it up with a denim midi skirt (which, despite being especially trendy last Summer, is still a great winter option with a pair of knee-high boots) or a denim jacket for a more personal, fun look.

And it doesn’t have to be simple denim – you can go for a darker shade for a more mature feel, or patchwork for an eclectic vibe. I’m also really loving the look of a large cuff on some baggy jeans. Either way, denim is a must for Winter.

Pops of red

Mentioned in any fashion article worth its buck, red is the certified “It Girl” of the season! We’re seeing the rich, bright reds on all the fashionistas of George Square – it’s in hats, scarves, bags, shoes, and even tights.


Participating in the red obsession doesn’t have to be spenny – a pair of gorgeous burgundy tights cost my flatmate £5, so I’ll be getting myself a pair too.

Monochrome and all black

Listen, I know you can make a monochrome outfit work with literally any colour, but there’s something so classy and timeless about an all black fit. Especially in the winter, it’s effortless and cute, and a guaranteed way to feel good about how you look, even on a rainy Monday morning.

If you’re worried about monochrome black looking boring – fear not. The trending TikTok sound summarises it perfectly: If it’s not interesting through colour, make it interesting through shape or texture. Pair those wide-legged black jeans with a black turtleneck, or the long black midi skirt with a black sweater, and trust me, you’ll look put-together and ready to slay the day away at the library.