Eight things you need to know in order to survive a Sports Wednesday at Hive

Your exclusive guide from an avid Hive goer

As I’m sure you all know, last year brought the start of Sports Wednesday. After Sanctuary was shut down (RIP), our GUSA sports teams were in desperate need of a new place to cause mayhem and of course, the GUU came to the rescue.

A Wednesday night in Hive is never, ever predictable. There’s a good chance you might wake up one Thursday with no idea where you are or how you got there. Those pints of fun are lethal. However, in an effort to prepare you as best I can, I developed a few tips to ensure you have an enjoyable if not messy night. And so, here it is, your guide to surviving a Sports Wednesday at Hive.

1. Pre the pre’s

Going out can be intimidating, especially if you are new to your sports team or just haven’t met that many people yet. Most sports teams will host pre’s at different West End pubs or members flats before heading to the Union but it’s a good idea to meet up with a friend beforehand. Even if you aren’t drinking (stay strong), showing up with a friend is the best way to start your night.

2. Dress for the theme

If your team pre’s have a theme, which most do, please dress accordingly. It is so much more fun, and when else can you act like it’s Halloween every week if not at uni? And do be ready to answer the “What’s your theme?” question 20 times throughout the night.

3. Be aware of the familiar face

Never have I ever been to Hive and not seen someone I know. Whether it’s someone on your course or someone you would rather NOT see if you catch my drift, don’t panic because everyone’s probably too drunk to remember tomorrow.

4. Leave Hive until the end

If you don’t already know, Glasgow University Union isn’t just home to Hive. There is also The Well, home of the pole, Base Bar, home of the karaoke, and our beloved Beer Bar. Try to divide your time and don’t hit Hive too early, otherwise the fun will disappear. You could even pop upstairs to the Billiards room for a game of pool if you feel so inclined.

5. Be aware of the floors

Get those club shoes on because I have seen all sorts on that floor. Seriously, people, there are toilets for a reason…

6. Use the whole Union – especially upstairs toilets

Speaking of toilets, the downstairs ones are the closest which in turn makes them the busiest. If you’re desperate and need somewhere less packed head upstairs.

7. Link up

This one is for everyone, but my girls especially because those corridors are PACKED. If you’re with friends, make sure to grab onto one another to avoid losing each other.

8. 727!

The gem in Glasgow Uni’s crown jewel. Make your way down Great Western Road to 727 for some chips on your way home. The perfect end to a perfectly chaotic night.

Have fun, stay safe, and if you end up with a funny, silly, or borderline traumatic story… let us know over on our Instagram!

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