I went charity shopping around Glasgow and here is an honest review

A quest to help us all stretch our student loan money as much as possible

Whether it’s for sustainability reasons or the cheap prices (or those bizarre Wednesday social themes), charity shopping has hit it’s stride in Glasgow. Fast fashion is old news and to help you find the best hidden gems I have searched over Glasgow for the hits and misses of second hand shopping.

Shelter Scotland – Union Street – 10/10

I went into this shop for the first time last year and couldn’t believe what I was missing until then. From vintage nike sportswear to PrettyLittleThing dresses this place has an outfit for every occasion.They even had a gown and events dress section, perfect for those academic and sports balls without draining the bank. There are multiple shops throughout Glasgow but this one definitely stands out, the prices were among some of the cheapest I had seen and the clothes did not disappoint.

British Heart Foundation – Byres Road – 7/10

This place was definitely the busiest of them all and I could understand why. The book and music collection alone was enough for me to return, not to mention the variety of clothing and brands across the shop (bonus points for the University of Glasgow hoodie I found). Although I would say it felt like there wasn’t much organisation in terms of sections of clothing, this made it harder to find things I was looking for in particular and take up more time than I felt was needed. However, with it’s location so close to campus it’s a must to check out.

British Red Cross – Byres Road – 4/10

I had high hopes for British Red Cross, however this felt like more of a Zara outlet and the prices definitely reflected that. While I would have very much appreciated a good Zara steal, the prices were too high for me to justify and considering the great prices of other shops so nearby. However, I will give it credit for it’s very well organisation, it made it much easier to browse and not as overwhelming at first glance. If you’re looking for something with higher quality and you have a larger budget, I would definitely check it out.

Cancer Research – Dumbarton Road – 9/10

Oxfam always seems to be a hit or miss for me, while I do feel like there can be some variety, I feel like I’m seeing the same stuff every time I go in. While it is a decent sized shop, I feel like a lot of the space gets taken up by products from brands they supply, rather than the second hand items I would expect to see.

However, the Oxfam bookshop for me just further down the road really redeems itself, I find it perfect for finding course books for a far cheaper price than the likes of other bookshops. It’s perfect for those looking to get through the degree on a budget and give you some motivation to get through that dreaded reading list (not quite enough though).

Barnardo’s – Great Western Road – 9/10

The store supplies an  array of second hand goods, from vintage clothing to quirky home decor, making it a perfect for those seeking unique finds at affordable prices. While the selection might lack some popular brand names, the discovering of unique hidden gems compensates for it. Perfect for those looking to decorate their flat with some character while on a student friendly budget.

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