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Here are 10 iconic BeReals that every Nottingham student has taken

Let’s BeReal, nobody at uni ever has a unique experience

Since it came out a couple of years ago, BeReal has quickly become a very popular social media platform, especially amongst university students. There’s something about seeing exactly what your friends are doing or listening to that is just so interesting. Whether you’re a BeFaker or the type of person that will take their daily snap on the toilet just to be on time, there are some BeReals that are universal amongst all Notts students. So here are the 10 BeReals that you certainly will have taken during your time in Nottingham. If you haven’t taken them already, you will do soon.

1. In a lecture

The classic lecture BeReal. There is no sight like the sea of people simultaneously raise their phones to take their BeReal during a lecture. If you have your course mates on BeReal then you get to live your lecture again and again when you have your daily stalk on the app. More often than not, the BeReal is more interesting than the lecture content.

2. At a club/rave

Personally, I am not a clubber, but I am definitely in the minority. After all, we’re known for it in Nottingham. I am sure that even if you are like me, you have a BeReal somewhere in your archives from a night out in Rock City, Ocean or Unit 13. Nothing like a drunk picture to look back on in the morning.

3. Outside your faculty building

Taking a photo outside the psychology building always makes me cringe but it does make for a great BeReal. I’m sure BeReal knows when I’m walking into that building as the notification always seems to go off. However, it makes for a cute snap and it makes you look like you’re working hard.

4. In the library

Unfortunately, during exam season 90% of my BeReals were taken in the library. This particular one was in George Green but I feel obliged to clarify that despite my STEM degree I do firmly believe Hallward is the superior library. There’s nothing that screams student like a midnight library BeReal.

5. In Mooch

5. In Mooch

6. In AvoCafe

If in Lenton, Avocafe is everyone’s favourite spot for a study date, coffee or, my personal favourite, a Sunday debrief. Avo is my personal cure for any hangover. It’s also got a very aesthetic interior so makes for a very cute BeReal and the food always looks so good.

7. On the bus

I probably spend more time on the 34C than I do in my lectures. This bus is the holy grail for getting to campus, town or anywhere in between so it was only right to include it in this list. Sorry to anyone that has been accidentally caught in my bus BeReals but I can’t help the time it goes off.

8. In bed

If you’re anything like me and my housemates, you will definitely have a BeReal or two of you all congregated in one room. For us, we usually all end up in my room at the end of the day for life updates…we don’t have attachment issues I promise.

9. At a society

A lot of BeReals for me are taken at a society meeting as this is where I spend a lot of my time. This one is at Poetry Soc, where I’m president so I highly recommend everyone join! You too, can then take your very own society BeReal.

10. At the pub

Whether it be Sheaves, Spoons or the Rose and Crown, I’m sure the pub is the most popular BeReal location amongst Notts students, – I definitely have at least one BeReal a week with a pint in hand and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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