An in depth look at period product availability across the University of Glasgow campus

Been caught in a bad way before? We’ve all been there – may it never happen again

Every person with a period has had it: That moment when you start unexpectedly or bleed heavier than anticipated, or your period magically reappears two days after you finished. Mother nature can be so cruel.

Have you been caught off guard by your period? Or have you forgotten to pick up spares on your way out the door? Or are you just a broke uni student wanting to save a few pennies? Well, this article will tell you which building to go to for the best chance of success for getting your hands on a tampon, a pad, or even a cup when you’re in a bind.

1. The library: Hit or miss

There are sometimes supplies left, this was in the gender-neutral bathroom downstairs as well. However, when asking around, many people often felt the library hadn’t restocked anything, or what was there was not very good.

Emily, a master’s student at the University of Glasgow, said: “The library has been hit or miss for years, sometimes it’s fully stocked but all of a sudden, the exact same bathroom I have been using all week will be a sanitary towel ghost town. As if a tampon bandit has come in the night to steal them all. It is, honestly, quite stress-inducing”.

2. JMS: At least they’re trying?

The JMS has these machines at every bathroom area, you are supposed to be able to push the grey square and pull out either a pad or a tampon. However, these machines rarely work, and instead of being restocked items are just placed on top, as you can see this was done on floor seven. Plus, floor six had nothing and the machine was jammed.

Given that the JMS is one of the busiest buildings on campus, I can imagine it is hard to keep it restocked, but based on availability, if you are trying to decide what building to try first, I wouldn’t choose JMS.

3. The QMU: One of the better options

If you had asked me before writing this article where the best place on campus is to get period products, I would have said QMU. I spend a lot of time in there during the days and I felt there were always period products and condoms left out.

However, when I went in to take this photo, I was a little disappointed. Plus, when I went back in a couple of days later there were still none, however, there were some upstairs the second time. I would still recommend QMU as one of the best places to go, but there is always room for improvement.

4. The GUU: RIP

GUU. Disappointing. This was the Hive bathroom on a Friday, let’s hope it was restocked before the weekend. They had the box there which does show intent, however, as you can see, it is empty. I would keep GUU at the bottom of your list.

Alice, a third year student, said she has been caught out about period products in the GUU bathrooms before, saying it was “scary” when her period started in Hive: “Honestly, you know that moment when you know. Yeah, that happened on the dance floor. I went in, expecting to grab a tampon and get back out with my friends but nope! Nothing. God forbid someone on their period sneezes in Hive. Good luck to you.”

5. Boyd Orr: A good, safe option if you have the means to have a snoop

The Boyd Orr didn’t start off too well as I went to the bathrooms and there was another one of those dreaded machines, which don’t work and are never stocked.

However as I was leaving, I walked past a disabled toilet down by the main lecture theatre and hit gold: A varied basket, fully stocked. However, this needs to be around the other bathrooms. Boyd Orr is a good option but you might need to try a few floors.

6. Fraser Building 

The Fraser Building is the best kept secret for a quiet study space on campus, but apparently for period products too. A fully stocked box in the bathroom with a few different options. Need I say more?

To sum up, if you get caught in a bind, don’t head to GUU, head to the Fraser Building.

The University of Glasgow has been contacted for comment.

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