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No partner, no problem: Here’s how to spend Palentine’s in Glasgow this February

Who needs a significant other anyway?

Is it another year of avoiding the Valentine’s aisle in Tesco? Or perhaps you’re newly single and hoping to have a fun one with your mates?

Well, this time of year isn’t just for couples. It’s time to appreciate all the platonic love that surrounds us, so look no further for the ultimate guide on how to spend Palentine’s in Glasgow!

1. Host an at-home Palentine’s dinner

An easy and budget-friendly option to celebrate your friends is by hosting a dinner party. Create a potluck scheme and get everyone included in cooking.

You can pick up decorations from Flying Tiger, or make your own, and even get an activity for everyone to do, such as candle painting, or cocktail making. Look on Pinterest for inspiration.

2. Celebrate in your local bar or discover a new one

Maybe you want to go out with your pals? Why not get all dressed up and head to a cool cocktail bar in the city centre to have a laugh.

Try places such as the Social or Hide-and-Seek bar to boast their photo-worthy decor on Instagram.

3. Branch out your friend group

If you haven’t found the right friends to celebrate with, or your group have gone home for reading week, or maybe you just want to branch out and try new things without being alone, try the newly founded social group – Girlies of Glasgow.

They aim to encourage friendships through social events, such as the pottery painting event they’re holding on 17th February at Craft Pottery. Another event being held at Saint Jude’s is the Girls Gone Wild Galentine’s brunch, going all out with a drag show, cocktails and a DJ to keep the vibes going all day.

4. Have a movie night

The last year in cinema has really been one for the girls. Use Palentine’s as a chance to catch up with some of the newer movies such as Barbie, Mean Girls or Anyone But You.

Or, you can grab some snacks and rewatch the classics, Bridget Jones or Legally Blonde with your pals at home.

5. Try something new

Finally, if you’re looking for something different to do, why not try Fayre Play, an indoor fairground that serves cocktails?

At just £15 per person for an and a half of fun, playing typical fayre games and winning prizes, this is surely a Palentine’s activity you and your friends will enjoy and remember.

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